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Himalaya Hair Pampering Experience!

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Hello all! Last Saturday, I was given another chance to go to another The Butterfly Project event at Rupini’s in Bangsar. I have not actually drive my car that far (Yes, Bangsar is quite far for me and my car. manjanya!) and it’s been an enjoyful morning, driving my 17 years old car to Bangsar that day. The night before, I had planned on where to park my car and so on. I decided to park my car in Bangsar Village instead. I did not mind paying for it as long as my car is safe and sound. hehe

I walked from Bangsar Village to Rupini’s, which takes only 2 mins. It’s not that far away. I was alone and was kind of curious how the event would look like. Unlike the event before this which I knew some of the people but this time, I was alone! But, afraid no more I instantly made friends with some beautiful girls as well! One of them reminds me of my best friend, Vanapriya. :)

Upon arrival, I was given a welcome drink (It was a choice between soya milk & sugar cane and I choose soya milk) and also a cross word puzzle and a text to read and find the answer for the cross word. I read them all, and I answered silently.

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Oh by the way, No.10 the answer is BALD. I knew it! I was torn between BALD or FALL. So I just write in FALL instead. LOL.

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The new shampoo range from Himalaya. This is the reason why I was there at Rupini’s. To get my hair pampered by these new lines from Himalaya. Anti-Fall Hair Shampoo. This is the original 100% herbal shampoo and it’s also the only 100% Herbal Shampoo around! It contains no SLS and SLES which stands for Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and Sodium Laureth Sulfate. Well, only chemical people would understand that. But those two S’s could actually made your hair loss even more! It’s sort of like a detergent that could create a foaming parties that could lather once you use the shampoo. That’s why when you shampoo your hair using any shampoo brands that has these two S’s, you’ll get more hair loss. This is not good.

This range of new Anti-Hair Fall Shampoo includes a 2 in 1 shampoo and also a hair cream. The shampoo contains Butea Frondosa which is an important herb for strengthening and activating hair growth. It also contains Eclipta which improves hair texture. The hair cream also includes Eclipta in it, which would made your hair more nicer and it also nourish your hair and lessen the activity of hair loss.

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Okay, enough with the scientific terms already. Right after I submitted my cross word puzzle answer sheet, I just took some pictures here and there. The theme for this event is Green and Orange. The balloons and some other decorations are all in either green or orange color.

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This is actually the first stop to start the process of the hair pampering session. This is the hair checking station where we will be having our scalp and hair, checked. The lady’s name is Fatimah. She uses some micro hair scope and just took some steady photos on my scalp.

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She was explaining to me that, for each holes in the scalp, for healthy and no problemo scalp, each holes cater 3 strings of hair. As you can see mine has only one and some are two, minority are three. So, I am having a hair loss problem which I did not know about it until that day. Thanks to Himalaya and also biggest thanks to The Butterfly Project for this experience! Otherwise, I have no idea that my hair is getting thinner and thinner! :)

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So, the oil hair massage is next! They are also using another product by Himalaya which will be launched soon! It’s the yummiest smelling oil I have ever encountered. It’s a good oil and you need to rinse it off once applied. I do have oily scalp but they said this oil is pretty much for all types of hair. It is also for the use of anti hair fall and strengthen your hair roots and scalp! Yummy! Right after the oil hair massage, washed it and blow dried it! My hair smells incredible! Very light and very smooth too! I could not imagine having this kind of experience as this shampoo is 100% herbal and usually with herbal shampoos, it tends to make the hair quite hard and unmanageable.

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We were also being treated with some yummy kuehs as well! How colorful the kueh looks like in there! I just could not resist it by having the famously Kueh Lapis. I love kueh lapis! hehe

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After all of the lucky bloggers have done their hair transformations, it is the time where we have some hair consultation with David (David is actually the Business Manager for Rupini’s. Sorry for the wrong information) Justin, a hair stylist from Shear Perfection Salon. He picked a few of us girls and commented on how they could get a hair cut that is suitable for their face and so on. He also discussed with us the latest fall trends, the latest hair color trends and the latest hair type for fall trends. David told us that ombre is still in for hair color. I never colored my hair before so I am not quite sure if I would want to do it. haha. He also said that the fall hair trends would be braids and also short pixie hair. Wow.

Maybe my hair was okay with me so he did not picked me. I was also a bit shy to volunteer myself. Haha. Well, no worries I could see David again as he gave all of us a Free Intensive Treatment for 1st 80 Customers with 20% Off coupon.

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Shasha looks a bit scared when David Justin asked for a scissors as he jokingly wants to cut her hair, giving a little bit layered style haha :P

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Some last speech from Shireen, Sugar & Spice Communication on that day.

And again I would really like to thank you Himalaya Herbals for this opportunity. Thanks to The Butterfly Project Malaysia as well for giving me this chance to go out and have fun and be independent! You do not know how much I love driving here and there back again and most importantly, I made new friends. Really. I really made new friends! And I am loving it!

P/S : Since the event day, I have been using this shampoo every single day. Although it is actually not a good thing to do, shampoo every single day, but my hair just needs to be shampooed. No other excuses. But I noticed that my hair has not have that huge and sudden fall anymore. I am not making this up. Even on my brush, my hair does not loose that many anymore! I am a HAPPY GIRL!

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*Liana,Ayu,Me & Shasha*

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Lastly, we were given some freebies from Himalaya and also Rupini’s Beauty Consultant which was a gift of beauty of Hot Oil Massage voucher and also a FULL SIZED Shampoo and hair cream from Himalaya with a CUTE bag. :)

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