Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hishop; Beauty Online Shop

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Have you ever heard about HiShop? It’s one of my newest online shop addiction now! It has tons of beauty products, sold here! If you open up their website, you will be stuck there forever looking at those captivating beauty items!

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I am not allergic when it comes to online shop. Not that I hate it, I LOVE it! I can’t stand without not opening the website for at least a day. I must see what is on sale, what are their new arrivals and is there anything new that I could buy. I am such a sucker when it comes to online shopping. Be very careful girls and not to mention, guys as well. Once you enter the online shopping community, you can’t never go back! :P

Meanwhile, I have always browse through HiShop’s website several times before I decided to purchase some of their products displayed in the website. Not that I am afraid of anything, it’s just that I always purchase things online every month and I just have to limit myself. But this time, I just say GO!

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I actually purchased two items from HiShop in my first order purchase with them. This is one of the items that I purchased, which is the fake lashes. I always applied fake lashes few years back. In fact, I used to wear fake lashes every singe day! Since I am older and my clothing are now more towards matured style, I don’t really think I need to wear fake lashes anymore and I think fake lashes are for those who are in a younger age. I am reaching 30 in few years now. Not the best time to act cute anymore. But when I saw this fake lashes inside HiShop, I just could not resist from NOT buying them. The packaging is so damn pretty and I can see that the lashes are also pretty for everyday use (if you are an everyday fake lashes user).

I’ll be going a review on this eyelashes soon on my YouTube and blog!

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