Monday, October 21, 2013

I DARE!–The Butterfly Project (feat The Bubblegum Wax) Part 1


scream for ice cream

When I entered this competition, I did not know that I will be selected as one of the lucky winner! I was so overwhelmed and overjoyed actually when I saw this email came in on that day. Without any thinking, I RSVP instantly! I really wanted to join events like these but was always unlucky! I seriously never thought that I could win and Alhamdulillah, finally I could be part with those beautiful girls, attending this event.

butterfly project 003 edit

Since it was my first event, I did arrived quite early. I arrived around 2:00pm as my timeslot was at 2:30pm. Well, being a punctual girl (sometimes! haha) I don’t know what to expect and what to do! With my Sephora paper bag to hold up my shoe box (they asked us to bring our shoe box for a DIY session), I walked from Hartamas Shopping Centre to Plaza Damas block F. Arrived at Bubblegum Wax shop, ring the bell and they asked me to just wait for a while as the first session is still not yet ended and they have to clean up some mess around the shop. Hehe.

As I was walking back towards Hartamas Shopping Centre, I bumped with Sabrina, Sabby and Anis. Thank God! I am not alone now! So we all went back to the shop and was asked to wait again, so we decided to leave our shoe box at the shop and went back to the shopping center.

butterfly project 008 edit

We came back later and at the right time as well! The registration for the afternoon session has started and we all needed to register ourselves before we went inside the shop. Once registered, we take turns to take some memorable photos at the DARE2WAX backdrop before we went upstairs.

Upon entering the wax shop, we saw bunch of goodies and foods! Yes! Foods! Ice creams and candies, marshmellow and cute little mineral bottles. All in pink and very girly colors!! I LOVE the decorations and the foods (of course!! haha). The food we divided onto two sections, one was the ICE CREAM sections and the other was the Wonton Noodles and ice cream condiments area.

butterfly project 011 editbutterfly project 013 edit

butterfly project 014 edit

* Ice cream sections!! *

butterfly project 016 editfoods edit

You can just see from the picture above, the foods are so delicious looking and kind of naughty as well. Hikhik. But who cares! We wallop them all and just love it! They do have Macaroons as well in pink + black! It’s all align with the theme color which was Pink & Black. 

butterfly project 050 edit

Well, this has become a quite long entry already. I shall post out the other parts in the Part 2 & 3 of my entry soon! Psst, I will also post out the picture of the waxing room! If you are keen to know how it looks like. Hehe. :)

Till then, xoxo!

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See you in Part 2!

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