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I DARE!–The Butterfly Project (feat Bubblegum Wax) Part 2

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Hello ladies! Let’s talk about the room ambience in Part 2 here! Well, we are all able to take photos of the room before the screaming and torturing begun. LOL. So, I took this opportunity to take some photos of the room. At Bubblegum Wax, they have 3 rooms for waxing meaning that 3 people can go at one time! Of course it’s a private room where you can’t see the other person inside the other rooms but the room has a little opening on top of the divider, so you can hear the conversation from the other rooms! :P Some of the butterflies said that they could even hear some little squeak screams from the room beside theirs. Hehe.

The ambience of the room is pretty similar to a massage room except it’ll be super bright (like the one in the picture) when the waxing treatment is taking place. To let the person to see clearly the parts that we want to wax, I guess. :)

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So just look at those pretty tray. Stacks with waxing stuffs! Those two pots you see there, is the wax. One is used for the hard wax and one is for the soft wax. What are the differences between those two waxes?

Hard Wax Soft Wax
For first timers. For those who had done waxing before. :)
Less pain A little bit pain
Wax color, orange-y Wax color, yellowish
No paper / cloth used to tear the wax from body parts. Only tear the wax itself. Uses papers/clothes to tear the wax from body parts. Like regular waxing at waxing parlor / Benefit brow waxing

Those are what I know, the differences between those two types of waxes. I did the hard wax first and soft wax for touching up. Well, it’s not that painful after all. It’s a bearable pain. If you can stand pain, you can see that it’s nothing compared to a paper cut. Even paper cuts are more painful than this! I swear you!

butterfly project 043 editbutterfly project 042 edit

At Bubblegum Wax house, they also provide Laser treatment, the other way of taking out your little hairs by using lasers (duh). I believe the tools are those purple caps thingy. You know, I saw those scissor and tweezers, I feel like I am in an operating theater! LOL! There are also some other tools as well such as cotton pads, cotton balls, sticks to apply the wax, some Vjayjay’s tissue (to wipe out the vjayjay areas before that bikini / brazillian waxing) and some tissues.

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The waxing bed is oh-my-God comfy! Very the comfy! I love it! Like it! And feels like want to sleep on it! haha. Well, before the waxing process starts, they will give you one piece of hygiene wipe and you need to wipe your ehem area with that wipe. Then, you need to undress the bottom part of the clothing and wear a towel. Once ready, the staff will come in and the waxing process starts! The staffs made it so easy and comfortable, and were so friendly as well! They know that some of us are very shy to expose but they were polite and seriously professional. I feel easy to work with them and they do communicate with me through out the waxing process, which only takes about 15 minute to finish. :)

Well, I think this part 2 entry is getting too long as well. Don’t forget to read my part 3 and it’s the last part of my waxing journey with The Butterfly Project and Bubblegum Wax!

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