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I DARE–The Butterfly Project (feat Bubblegum Wax) Part 3

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Hello guys! This is the last part of my entry for my Bubblegum Wax experience! I love the fact that waxing is something that everybody can do now since we have a very professional and hygienic waxing house such as Bubblegum wax! The above picture is myself, after the waxing session, in the waxing room! See, did my face shown any painful or stress? Apart from my messy hair, I feel so excited and MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

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So now I am proudly say that I am not a wax virgin anymore! Muahaha! Say YES to Waxing! Believe me girls, if I can do it, why can’t you? I mean, this waxing house take it’s profit from people who do come and do waxing there. If waxing is painful, why would people just want to come again and again? It’s addictive I tell you! Even I do want to visit Bubblegum Wax again if needed in the future!

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WE DARE YOU 2 WAX! Mission accomplished! We all have overcome our fear of waxing! Now it’s your turn! :)

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Beauty girls that I met on that day! All are very friendly and very very creative as well! They have done such an incredible job on their boxes! I done mine quite okay as well. haha. That’s my creativity level so, bare with me. LOL. :P

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Sorry guys, the price picture is kind of blurry. I still did not get my Sony camera yet. It’s still being repaired. :( But all I want to say is that, Bubblegum Wax also caters for man as well! So drag you guys to test out their DARE level too! I shall drag mine soon! MUAHAHAHA Be prepared. :P

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As you can see, the freebies are absolutely amazing! All are in a very good size and amount!


When can we actually wax our private area?

You can do it 2 weeks before your period come or 2 weeks after your period.

Why can’t we do it on our period days?

Oh my. Do you want the staff to see your red flags all over the bed? Nope. Besides it is not hygienic and your skin area would be very sensitive during period time.

If I do have sensitive skin, can I still wax?

You need/can consult the staff first before doing the waxing. Please be honest and answer every questions truly.The staffs are very friendly and professional. Don’t worry. :) 

Does the waxing skin area gets red and itchy after few days?

I did not experience any itchy or redness or painfulness at all after few days. It’s all aooookayy! :)

How long does it take for the hair to grow back?

Usually it takes about 3-4 weeks, but you are encourage to do another waxing treatment after 6-8 weeks. Once the hair is a little bit longer.

Are you planning to go back again to the Bubblegum Wax?

OF COURSE! I am now addicted to waxing! Thanks to The Butterfly Project and also Bubblegum Wax!

Well, if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to comment on the comment box down below!


The Butterfly Project

Bubblegum Wax

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