Thursday, October 10, 2013


Well, it’s a no surprise that most of Malaysian drivers are the worst driver ever in this world. I mean, most of them is like 85% of all the drivers in Malaysia. Each of them has their own greatness in showing off their true color when they are driving on road. If you rode on a car with me, you’d know that I am very precise when it comes to driving. I don’t drive too slow or too fast. I give signals when I want to change lanes and I just don’t do road bullies. I don’t like to tailgate other people without any reason and I just hate to not being able to see what’s behind me.

But people here in Malaysia (mostly guys) they tend to show off their ability to do all those things that a woman can’t do. So, they like to tailgate people, cutting queues and this is the most amazing one, not giving signals. I mean, Malaysian drivers just hate giving signals when they wanted to change lanes. I mean, okay it’s fine to not to give signals once in a while if it’s not necessary but trying to overtake the car in front of you by changing lanes without even looking at the fcuking mirror drives me really really mad. What makes the icing on top of the cake is that when we honked at them, they show their d*ck finger. Well, if you really like to show your d*ck finger so much, that means you did sell your d*ck for people to pleasure you by sucking it cause you really really really suck at driving.

This drives me really really mad and I just cant ignore of people show me their ugly d*ck finger. I will tend to drive like a stupid a$$ man and show it to them. I know it’s not right but it’s not right for them too! I am kind of a revenge type of person so when it comes to these type of drivers, I wont be giving any pretty face to them at all. They just don’t deserve to live in Malaysia or even the world. So, do not mess with me if I am driving. If you did make a mistake by overtaking without looking at the side mirror and you can’t see me beside you driving on the fast lane, you will be facing me and God.

I am not somebody’s daughter, I am not Anak Datuk but I am God’s creation. I can pray to God anytime I want to and He will do the rest to pay you back. Beware if you are driving beside me, I can be seen as a girl who knows nothing about driving because I made it that way! Do not ever step on me and test me, you will be miserable all your life.

*To that Indonesian man who showed me your ugly d*ck finger just now, I hope God will repay back.

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