Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday went perfectly well!

Well, I just want to update my life today. Ate at Kayu Nasi Kandar for lunch and then went to Sony Center to send back my Sony camera for another refurbishing on it’s back panel. Yes. It’s the I believe 5th time we send the same camera for the same problem this year. Well, I don’t know anymore if it’s still reliable to use that camera. But before this, we got the repair for free as it’s still under repair warranty for 3 months. This time, it’s just one month after the previous repair. It’s kinda sad as I really do love that camera so much! :(

Apart from that, we went to Daiso and I bought 3 stick eyeshadow and I believe it’s a new product from Daiso. I will be doing a review / haul entry on these three shadows soon in my blog. At the meantime, I am currently under testing on this one HADA LABO AHA+BHA face wash. A friend of mine have been using that facial wash to remove her blackheads and it works seriously well! So, now I am testing it out to see if it works on my blackheads. T_T

After the Curve, we went to Rasta for the #FemesBazaar to see what do they have to offer. It’s been a while since I went to a bazaar. Yesterday I went to one bazaar at Jaya One. Bought two pink tops one costs RM29 and the other one costs RM15. Well, if I go to bazaars, I will only look for under RM30 prices of clothes,bags,shoes or accessories. More that that I would just ask for their name card and will see other stuffs that they had to offer online. I am now also crazy for Cathy Doll’s product. I’ll be having my first Cathy Doll product tomorrow as I need to take it from the Post Office. Can’t wait! Oh yes, my swap mail with my best friend in the USA is also going to be picked up tomorrow at the same post office! I am thrilled! I just don’t know what type of products she’ll be swapping with me. My packages has already arrived to her last month. :)

Well, that’s all for today’s blog post. I know a bit lame and boring. But I just feel like typing an entry. Hope that your Sunday is great as well!

sunday 012

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