Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Throw away the past

I am always talking about my past in my blog. Always. You can just search for the word PAST and you’ll see how many post I have done about my past. It’s all about letting go, cherish my past and bla bla bla. It’s not that my past is cruel to me or just plain boring. My past is AWESOME! and I kind of missing my past so much. But, people say, without the past, you would not be able to be the person you are today. I am so a believer to that phrase. I am not who I am today if it’s not because of the past.

And today, again I would like to stand tall and say, I am proud of myself today, and myself from the past. All the mistakes that I have done, all the success and failures, all who made me today. I am happy that I have more friends than before. I have new friends who is just as happy and jolly as my previous friends. I don’t care what others are thinking. I love my new friends. They have the same brain like I do, which is AWESOME BRAINIACS! haha. Well, but sometime I do miss my past friends. Like friends in the university, friends at school. Some has their own life to lead on, some are still in contact but not regularly. I guess, it’s time for us to move on into another level of life.

Marriage, engaged and having babies. A lot of my friends are now getting into these stages. While I am getting into it as well, soon. So I might be looking the same according to myself but I can be looking quite a different person to my friends.

No matter what, I still love my past and are proud to say that I have conquered and lived!


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