Friday, October 25, 2013

What the?

So today, I went to this one Cupcake shop at The Curve. I just don’t want to spell the name of the shop here but I think by just looking at the box, you’ll know which one. It’s the famous but not so famous cupcake shop at The Curve, used to have one small shop at Pavilion, food court level.

I went there cause I wanted to eat cupcake. Being a cake lover, I just have to eat at least one piece of cake in one month or to make it real, in 2 weeks. haha. :P I just LOVE cake you have no idea! So, I walked in into this cupcake shop and was greeted beautifully by the sales lady. Then she asked me how many cupcake would I want to buy. I said, three. And then she said that if I wanted to buy three pieces, the box can only fit in two and another one piece requires another box and that I have to pay extra RM1 for another box. WHAT? What kind of a marketing strategy is this? Is this how you think you’ll get revenue with? From RM1 box?

I can only buy either 2 pieces, 1/2 dozen which costs RM30 or 1 dozen which costs I don’t know. This is ridiculous! I mean, you cannot just simply put on cost on every single thing. I am a paying customer! I buy your food, I pay and I eat! Well, if that’s so, how bout if I bring my own container. Will they lessen the price of the cupcake cause I did not use their box to carry the cupcakes? So, to tell the story short, I did purchased 3 cupcakes. The third one I told her that I will hold the cupcake and then I eat them. Simple. :)

So, I am not telling you to not to go to that shop, but just be smart when buying. I don’t need 4 cupcakes, I don’t need 6 cupcakes. I just need three. And three are just enough for me.

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