Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Zero is not a Size : Fashion Event

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See the picture up there? Well, if you are into fashion accessories or even attire! This is the perfect place for you to be! It is a one stop all high end products be it for men or women and you will love it! I really love the environment and the space of this shop itself. So spacious, air conditioned and so glamorous. Glamorous such as not all goldie-goldie type of furniture with big chandelier and all. Glamorous such as everything is well made and expensive.

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We arrived at the event quite early. About 11:30am as the event starts at 11:00am. Once arrived, I saw Shea Rasol, walking from her car to the outlet as well. But I did not interfere with her as I am a bit shy as I was nobody and she was like quite a famous fashion blogger. I mean, I am not the person who can afford anything inside this outlet for my everyday shopping place. Maybe a place to purchase my hantaran items later on for my wedding. So, once arrived, we went into the outlet, sign our names in the guest book and start to browse on the handbags and purses and shoes that they have. I do have an eye on this one Prada handbag which was quite okay the price. But still it is kind of like an old collection. But for me, it’ll be a new collection as I never own any Prada or Coach before. I have no idea how would people buy something so expensive. Their salary must be around RM4000-RM5000! Well sadly I am not as posh as theirs but still I do at least one high end bag and that’s it.

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Apart from the bags and shoes and clothes, the event does make our ears soothes by hearing songs with a very great voices from Ezza Afiqa, Ida Mariana and Joy Victor! Wow! I have seen Ida Mariana’s performance before. She was with Tiara Jaquelina in the theater called ‘The Secret Life of Nora’ and I saw her the second time at Tapis Rouge which is Datin Tiara’s restaurant in The Strand, Kota Damansara. Well, the voice of all the three singers were ah-may-zing! They did give such a great performance and it’s so nice to see the real talent singing in front of you and you don’t really have to pay for anything at all (Except I do purchase the t-shirt by TEMPATAN*Hafizhajeedar for RM45).

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Well, what is a fashion event without a fashion show am I right? We did indulge our eyes on the fashion show of the items in the outlet itself. Casual clothes, working clothes, dinner clothes and more! Everything from inside the outlet. But what is sad is that, the even name is Zero is not a Size. I believe that they should have at least a plus size model, or normal person size model just to match with the even theme and name. :) Just my two cents.

Apart from all the window shopping experience, I got to take some pictures with the famous people in Malaysia! Even the boyfriend took one picture with the male model. Hehe.

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* Me & Faradhiya *

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* Me & Ida Mariana *


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* Me & Tammy, the Marketing Manager for Fashion Icon Outlet (I bought the shirt that she wore in this picture but in black color *

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* Me and Dynas *

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* Me and Atilia *

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* Irfan with male model *

I would love to say thank you to Tammy for inviting me to this event. One and only time event like this. I wish I could attend more and more events like this in the future. It was nice to meet Tammy. She was the one who recognize and greeted me! It was so nice and humble of her! Thank you again for the opportunity! Hopefully in the future, there’ll be more and more invitation. ;)

To all fashion lovers, I recommend you to come and shop at the Fashion Icon Outlet. You’ll get discounts and many more! 30% – 70% discounts everyday! From shades to handbag, male bag and clothes, ties, socks, woman accessories, shoes you name it, they have it in one roof. Oh yes, the price shows on the items are before less. So, what are you waiting for? :) Map to the outlet is as per below.


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