Thursday, November 14, 2013

Arrived & tired!

Hello all! I am now in Barcelona! It was quite a tiring journey but thank God we have nearly 3 hours of transit at Dubai because we boarded Emirates airline. :) i LOVE Emirates airline! Hehe. Random thing there. 

So, this is my luggage. Haha. One big Hello Kitty bag and the other small Soap & Glory bag for my cabin bag. Simple, easy and enough. :) We all (this is a work trip by the way and there are 6 of us) checked in at KLIA at about 11:00pm and ate at Burger King as one of our friend was hungry including myself actually. Haha. 

Then, it was time to board the aircraft! In the website it says that we will be boarding on the 777-300ER but yesterday we boarded on the 777-200ER. Well, 200 is a little bit smaller than 300. Never mind. It is still a nice Boeing aircraft. :)

My Irfan is actually working in the same company as i do so he is also in my tem as well! Hehe. Out tired face. T_T 

I think i shall continue this Barcelona work trip entry soon. See you in part 2! :)

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  1. Emirates airline is the best.its the new pan am.lucky u could travel to barcelona :)

  2. Assalamualaikum Anfaal,

    Looking forward to your next post on your business trip to Barcelona.... ^_^


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