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Barcelona Trip–Part 2

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When talking about Barcelona, you can always imagine the building structures. It’s old and rusty but still pretty. The preserve and are still in use! Fantastic! The city is also quite clean! This is me, at the Old City of Barcelona, at the Carrer Del Carme. Carrer in Spanish means ‘Road’. Quite easy to understand as they have this word carrer everywhere on their signboard. What to do in Barcelona you asked? Well, loads of things! You can shop, eat, have fun, sightseeing. A lot of things to do!

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This is where their residential area takes place. It’s quite near to Barcelona city, located at Pasieg De La Creu. At night, it’s very cold and chilly. I love it! You can see that most of the men in Barcelona takes care of their child whereas their wife went for a night shift work. Everywhere, you can see kids are always with their father. They have this father-child bond and their family relation is very very very tight. What makes them not to become a homeless people is actually their family support. Family means everything to them.

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This is me and my boyfriend Irfan at a Halal Arabic restaurant named Arabica. It is located near Catalunya, at Carrer de Sant Pere Mes Alt. Yes, the road name is very long. It has some arabic foods and shisha as well. So, if you are looking for a shisha place, this is one of them.

Lets see what are the other places that you can visit at Barcelona. First of all…

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CAMP NOU! Yes. If you are a fan of football, not necessary Barcelona Football Club you must visit this stadium. They have stadium indoor tour but you have to pay Euro 23 per person. Quite okay considered that you can visit their changing rooms, the stadiums and some other interesting places. We did not go cause it was expensive for us. Hehe.

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Magic Fountain! The show only on Friday and Saturday during cold time. It is located at Av. Reina Maria Cristina and if you wanted to ride metro to come here, you can stop at the station Espanya. Basically it’s a place that is full with water fountain. Very beautiful! The fountain plays along with the music and it was just breathtaking. We went there when it rains and the show is still on! :)

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This is Drassanes. The place where all the yachts parked. A lot of them I tell you. It’s like yacht traffic. Very dense, very packed! Pretty too as it’s near the sea as well. And very windy! If you would like to come here, you can take the Metro and stop at Drassanes.

DSC09017 editDSC09019 editThis is Barceloneta beach. Pretty near to Drassanes. At this time of the month, it is actually in autumn season and there are still people do swim on the beach, surfing and all! Crazy! It’s freaking cold! Haha

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Yes. This is the only place that I really wanted to visit since this trip is on planning stage. I told Irfan that I would want to go and see this structure when we are in Barcelona and my dream comes true! Thank you to my boss for the bus tour ride! They did stopped here! But if you are not going to take the tour ride bus, you can still visit Sagrada Familia by taking again, the Metro and drop at Cornella Centre. :)

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In Barcelona, there are bicycle everywhere! This is one of the bicycle rent parking service. I am not quite sure on how you use this. If I am not mistake, you need to have this special card like touch n go card, tap it on the suggested place and then you can take any of the bicycle. Well, I am still unsure about this. Do not quote me on that. Anyone knows? hehe

Apart from the sightseeing, the foods in Barcelona is simply amazing as well! The seafood are fresh and lovely! It’s the only thing that we can eat there anyway if we went to the local delis. We only ordered seafood and cheese and vegetarians pizza or pasta.

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Above here is Paella. Their rice delicacy. It is yummy but it can be quite filling as they use their own produced rice to cook this delicacy. Creamy and filling I should say. Taste like Nasi Goreng but without spices. No wonder once there were this Asian man he ordered this rice with 3 bottle of tobasco sauce. It is just not spicy at all! And do you know, in Barcelona they only eat 9kg average of rice per family per year? Hehe.

Some of the other foods that we ate at Barcelona.

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* 4 cheese tagliatelle *

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* Panna Cotta with baked rice *

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* Hot Chocolate & pastries *

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* Yes. Nutella and Kinder ice creams! *

Well, those are some of the foods that we had at Barcelona. The ice creams can be seen at La Ramla, the tourist and shopping place! So yummy, delish and makes me want to have it now! Sobs! :( I am going to miss Barcelona but I shall be back. I want to explore more of the other side of Barcelona. Barcelona is huge! We only covered most on the south East of Barcelona, the Mediterranean sea part. I would love to explore North, South and West part after this. :)

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