Friday, November 29, 2013

Barcelona Trip–Part 3

Yes girls! This is the last part of my Barcelona trip and in this entry I would like to talk about the makeup stuffs that my boyfriend bought for me there! It’s an affordable makeup and it’s from H&M. Yes, we don’t have their makeup line here just yet. I am not quite sure if other Asian countries do have makeup from H&M or only Malaysia does not have it, YET. :)

H&M has the ‘okay’ kind of makeup line range. It has foundations, blushers, bronzers and all. Complete! Lipsticks, lip gloss and all! Amazing! And some of the makeup has quite a great quality so that is why I bought so many makeup items there! Just see all the photos below and you’ll know how many products that I got at Barcelona.

DSC09246 edit

Eyeshadow palette! Smokey, 12 shadow palette & Nudes! Swatches will come in near future in different entry. ;)

DSC09247 edit

Bronzing powder! I did not swatch this product at the store so I don’t really know how tanned the color is. I think it would look nice on a fair skin rather then a medium skin like I do. But, I swatch it just now and I think that I would become a nice tanned highlighter. Yes. Weird isn’t it?

DSC09248 edit

The lovely blushers! These two products I did swatch it at the store and am loving the colors so much! It’s pigmented in a very suitable way as a blusher would. Love it so much! As usual, swatch coming up soon in my future entry.

DSC09249 edit

Lip glosses! Yes. I went cray cray over their lip glosses! It’s so cheap and so many kind of colors! These are not the only lip glosses that I got.

DSC09250 editDSC09253 edit

These two as well! Yay! Most of their lip glosses smell like watermelon. And their lip glosses are not over sticky at all! That’s why I LOVE it so much! I am not a lip glosses lover but these are just an exception. ;)

DSC09251 edit

Apart from makeup items, H&M also has some really cool brushes as well! When I am back in Barcelona in the future, I shall buy more brushes after this! It’s kind of pricey so I tend to buy more makeup items rather than brushes. This is the only one brush that I got. It’s a kabuki brush and it is SOOOOOO soft!

DSC09252 edit

Well, apart from H&M makeup line, I also purchased these Maybelline makeup items at El Corte Engles mall. They have 50% off on 2nd items so I purchased 4 items. The color tattoo is a must to get since we don’t have it here (Yet!) and I don’t know what delaying Maybelline to bring more color tattoos here. :( Also the Anti Aging Concealer which has been the favor of Laura Vitale and a Dream Liner black eye liner! :)

So, these are the items that I got in Barcelona under makeup items. Any likings from you so far? :) If you need in depth review on some of the products, or maybe all, let me know in the comment box down below! :)


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