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BOTD–Barbie Diamond 3 tones Brown

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Hello lens lover! I am going to do a review on a lens that I purchased from HiShop which is the Barbie Diamond 3 Tones in Brown color. I am a lens lover and I love wearing contact lenses but not in a daily basis. I used to wear contact lens every day but I just think that sometimes I makes me look a little weird so I only wear them if I think I need some eye enhancement and when I am in the mood of wearing one.

I have loads of contact lenses and my current favorite is the EOS Ice Lens as it is the most comfortable contact lens EVER! It’s thin and you just did not feel anything at all wearing it. I swear by it. So, does this lens could also produce the same comfort as my holy grail ICE lens? We’ll see! ;)

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So this is how the lens looks like. No wonder it is called diamond 3 tones as it has that diamoney kind of pattern with 3 tones of color, white, black, and brown. The brown color is a little bit toward the light brown and not a dark brown. I love dark brown lenses and I have only used a hazel kind of brown lenses, ones.

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As you can see from the picture above, I look like an idiot wearing one lens on one eye and the other eyes are my natural (pretty. blweak!) eye. Haha. Well, for the rest of the pictures below, you’ll see my vain pictures taken with the lens. But now, just stare at my weird looking eyes as I am going to state the description of this lens. ;)

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*Close up*

Diameter : 16.2mm

Water Content : 38%

Base curve : 8.6mm

Replacement period : 12 months

Origin : Korea

Manufacturer : Dueba

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Although the lens is pretty big, it is one of the most easiest lens to put onto my eye. No lie! It’s big! Some of the 14mm lenses that I owned are sometimes quite hard to apply! Surprisingly, this one is very easy peezy! If you are a beginner and wanted to try to wear contact lenses, this big lens is not just for you yet. I am pretty pro in applying my lens so I think maybe people with more experience could say that this is one easy 16mm lens to apply, ever.

As far as the easiness goes, this lens is also very comfortable for the size it is! It is 16.2mm which is my biggest lens so far as the ICE lens (my favorite!) was only 14.8mm! I love the feelings of having this lens in my eyes (That doesn’t sound right! haha) but yes! I approved this lens to be the most huge diameter comfortable lens ever!



- Very very comfortable for the size!

- Quite easy to put on

- Nice feelings on the eye. Does not irritate the eyes


- The brown color is quite light and seems so fake wearing it

- Hope to see more other dark colors and perhaps dark brown. (I can’t see any brown for this design in HiShop)

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Interested to purchase this gorgeous lens? Click on the links available inside the quote box! ;)

Happy Shopping!

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RM31.50 after discount!

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