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BOTD–Cathy Doll BB Cream

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Cathy Doll is one of the product that I am definitely fell in love with in this month of October. This is one of the many many products that I purchased under the Cathy Doll’s line.

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First of all, people purchased Cathy Doll’s product mainly because of the cute packaging and also for the  very affordable price that they offered. Apart from those two things that particular not related to beauty, people purchased Cathy Doll’s product because they have faith in the product itself! Like I do! I tried to search on the internet the true review of Cathy Doll’s product and most of them were in Thai language. So, I could not understand Thai and even if I did translate it, it sounds so weird. haha :P

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This particular BB Cream of Cathy Doll has SPF 59 PA+++! What? 59? That’s seriously high! I have not had any BB Cream with SPF 59 in it. It has a huge opening as shown in the picture above and that makes it quite hard to measure how many products would you want to put on your face. It also claims to have :

    Pore Tightening
    Spot Remover
    Oil – Control

Well, some of the claimed points above are true! I used this BB Cream the day after I received it and I just love the fact that it does all the things in the points above! The consistency is pretty thick for a BB Cream. I have not had any BB Cream with this kind of thick consistency and it has a scent to it. It has a lovely nice scent. The scent is quite strong though so if you are not a fan of scented foundations or face product, this is so not a product for you. Although it does have that whitening effect, spot remover and oil-control, but I am not that sure about Pore Tightening effect. I don’t really see that coming just yet.

This BB Cream looks thick on the skin but it does not builds up the oiliness that I have on my skin which is good. I really love this BB Cream. The blending part is quite hard as it has a very thick consistency.

As you can see from the picture above, the color is quite beige-y and it looks like it wont be matching my skin at all! But, I just love that is feels very light on my skin despite the heavy cream thick look that it has. It blended very perfectly on my skin!

Above is the picture on my hands, with bb cream and without bb cream. I can see that with the bb cream applied, my left hands are a bit more whiter than my right hand which is the one with out the bb cream. I guess that one of the most famous ingredients in Cathy Doll’s product, L-Glutathione is working really well on this bb cream! It also contains Which Hazel which could protect the skin from burns and bruises! 

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Varies, as I purchased this from a package that she did. Maybe From RM30-RM60. Depending on the package that you select! ;)

It only has this one shade I believe. :)

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  1. Anis pernah jugak baca review produk cathy doll's ni. Maybe should try one of their product too :)


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