Friday, November 8, 2013

BOTD–Daiso Shiny Eye Shadow

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I am always scouting for some new makeup products from Daiso. It is just this one shop whereby, when ever I am broke, I could actually shop! That’s why I love Daiso so much. In this entry, I would love to do a review on some of the products that I have been testing by Daiso and it is actually an eye product.

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I believe that this eye shadow has more than 3 colors but I choose the best 3 colors that I might think would work best on me. Black, copper, and blue. I was so excited to open up the package and try the eye shadow when I bought it as eye shadow is the only thing that could make me feel extremely excited. I wonder why.

For the price it pays, I think the packaging is okay. It has the diamoney tip to indicate the color of the eye shadow so that you would not have to open each one to see what color it is. It also are this one kind of a twistable eye shadow where you just twist the rotating part and more eye shadow to come out.

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When it comes to swatches, Daiso products never failed me. Some do but not always. This one eye shadow are one of a heck pigmented. Especially the black one. It is just very rich black with satiny finished to it. It has no shimmer just that it looks buttery because it has that lovely satiny finish to it.

The only downside of this products is, it is not a long lasting eye shadow. It will crease like hell if you have a very very oily eyelid. And it will not stay put so this is so not a product that you want to use as an eye shadow base except for the black color. Maybe because the color is very intense, it tends to stick quite well comparing with the other two. Reminder, this is only one gentle swipe.

Water resistant? Of course NOT. Since is it not smudge proof, obviously it is not waterproof either. But as you can see, the black color actually did have some pretty good stay off time there. With water, and wiped with tissue, the black is still tiny teenie bit there. Well, for a RM5 item what would you expect it to be? Long lasting like the Color Tattoos? Well, if it could actually be compared, I would rather choose RM5 ones instead!

Well, it is all up to you. It’s from Daiso brand anyway. I do love the color pay offs because it is exactly like what it displayed onto the diamoney tip. If you would like to use this, you may need to conceal your lids or use NYX Milk Jumbo Eye Pencil for a better color and stay pay off.

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