Thursday, November 28, 2013

Comments problem!




I am sooo sorry guys! I just know that my imotiv comment box sometimes does not do justice to me! They might not load and you all commenting on my blogpost comments instead and it does not appear in the blog as I am actually using Imotiv comment box now. Oh my! I use it cause it is easier for me to reply to comments and stuff but now I guess I have to think twice about having it installed in my blog cause I have all of these comments which is not being published in my blog. :( Well, I will try to answer your comments here in this entry. Sooo sorry all! :(

Waniwisy : It is a stretch bracelet babe! :)

Cosmec Review : No! Never heard of it! Thank you for introducing me to this, I shall take a look at their website. ;)

Nur Alyssa : I am doing another malaysian giveaway soon! Hope that you would enter! <3

Cayumi nagamura : Thank you for stopping by! Appreciate the kind words! <3 do check out my other friends beauty blog as well!

Anis : Yes yes! hehe..should try their products. Some of them were pretty good!

Natasha : I LOVE Emirates! It’s my favorite airline for international, ever! Hehe

Melissa : Waalaikumsalam wbt, Thank you! I have posted up the second part. Third part coming up soon! :)

Natasha : Yes babe! I just LOVE this foundation! I mean, I am not a huge foundation fan but this one is just lovely! No breakouts, no cakey feelings, very long wearing! Love it! so suitable for oily skin like me!

Edazz : Yes babe! I feel you! You feel me? haha :) I am soooo glad to finally found my gang! My group! My peeps! My buddy!!! Thank you to The Butterfly Projects Malaysia :)

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