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Eyeswear Eyelash S-Series No.1 (Bride)

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I used to be a HUGE fan of fake lashes. I believe last two years, I used to wear fake lashes nearly every single day and has become a PRO at wearing fake lashes, make it look like I wear nothing on my lashes. Even my boss asked me to put on fake lashes on her on this one event. Haha.

But I have stopped wearing it for some reason. It is not because of anything else. It is because in Ramadhan month, I am very lazy to do my makeup and always stay low. And from there on, I just stored my lashes and have not wear them again. Until, I have this urge of doing makeup and being pretty back again. I know, I am such a random girl. One day I am this and the next day I am that.

So, I ended up purchasing this on HiShop online shop as I found out that the box is pretty amazing. I am a girl who is a sucker for pretty cute packaging. Just can’t deny that. But how do I know if pretty amazing packaging can deliver a pretty amazing results as well? So, that’s why we do have to test it out, right?

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So lets talk about the lashes that I purchased from HiShop.

Brand  Name : Eyeswear

Type : Bridal No.1

Look & Feel : Looks a little bit longer than my usual regular lashes. It has transparent band which is quite hard to shaped and quite hard for the glue to stick on it.

Other information is on the picture below ;)

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Above is my eye with and without the lashes. And yes, you can instantly see that the lashes are very visible and looks quite fake (I know! I know! it is a fake lash haha) and surprisingly the lashes are quite long. Or maybe it is created to be long or I just have to accept the fact that my eye is small. LOL. The plastic band does not hurt my eyes at all! This is one of the point why I do like this fake lashes.

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Look at that eye! My left eye has no fake lashes. To compare the length of the lashes.

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So, both eyes are now with the lashes! YAY! I am no longer a weirdo! :P

How do you like this fake lashes? Do you think it looks good on me? I personally think that the lashes are quite fake looking and is quite big as well. But I like it if I could apply it correctly. It’ll make my eyes looks bigger and longer.

4 stars

I give it 4 stars as I think the lashes are not for smaller eyes like me. Maybe others with longer eyes and pretty eyes could use this lens perfectly! I have small eyes so it’s quite hard for me to rock these lashes. I have to cut it off to match my eye shape. It does not come with a glue so you have to use your own. :)

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HiShop Store


5 pairs of fake lashes
Without eyelash glue

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