Friday, November 8, 2013

Fedup with YouTube!

Well, I am not was FORCED by YouTube to connect my YouTube account with a Google+ page. They did said that we can actually revert back to our old YouTube layout but there is a restriction there, you cannot comment or reply any comment at all. Brilliant YouTube. It’s like, they actually forcing you by not forcing you. Get what I mean?

So now, if you cannot comment on any YouTube channel, it is because you are not linked to you Google+ page. What a brilliant idea, YOUTUBE! Such a good and productive idea. Now, you are one of the most hated website on earth just because of that. People may watch, but they wont comment. The creators of YouTube might not be able to interact with their viewers now just because of that. I love you, YouTube. I really really do.

Thank you for making our lives, easier.

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