Monday, November 11, 2013

Foundation or BB Cream?

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I used to hate foundation before this as I thought that having an oily skin and applying foundation some more could just damage my skin as the foundation will be quite thick and will do adds on the oiliness on my face. So I tend to only use powder foundation as I think powder could absorb the oil on my face and will make my face looks matte. I was wrong.

I am now more allergic to powder foundation than liquid ones. I am quite relief though as liquid foundation tends to have more coverage than powder foundations. I am still in the middle of testing what is it wrong with the powder foundation that I really am allergic onto. Is it the powder, talc, sponges, applicator? Not quite sure yet. But, my face tends to have that little breakouts when ever I have powder foundation on.

Now, I am totally in LOVE with Estee Lauder Double-Wear Foundation. Seriously in love with it. It blended like seriously skin like color!! I am glad that I redeemed the tester packets as now I know that the foundation is my love from now on.

BB creams and CC Creams are still in! I will never ever forget my bb’s and cc’s. They are my trusted ‘liquid foundation’ and I LOVE them dearly as well!

In the picture above, I wore my Estee Lauder foundation. I’ll talk more about the foundation soon! ;)

Happy Monday LOVE!

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