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Kinohimitsu & The Butterfly Projects Luau Party!

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Welcome to the most exciting party of the year! It’s the Kinohimitsu Luau Party in conjunction with The Butterfly Project Malaysia group! I am so looking forward to be at this party weeks before and have been feeling excited since I got to know that I got selected! What is it basically?

Well, Kinohimitsu is launching their new product named Bio-Booster. This is a powder based product which you can either eat the powder straight away or you can make it as a drink with add in 100ml of water. It is to BOOST NUTRIENT ABSORPTION for MORE THAN 2X! It has tri layered micro encapsulation technology to replenish good bacteria, clear off harmful bacteria and toxins, enable the healthy host to effectively absorb and utilize the nutrients. It could also improve the digestions and nutrient absorption by further break down the semi and undigested food and aid in the synthesis of energy, promoting Vitamin B.
Who needs or can use this bio booster?

  Low immune
  Weight gain / lack of nutrition
  Weak digestions
  Constipation / Diarrhea
  Leaky gut
  Brain fog
  Alcoholic beverages drinker
  After the course of antibiotic

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At the event, there are also photo booth where we can take unlimited photos of ourselves or with our group of friends! I did take a couple (well, a lot actually! haha) of photos with my friends and we are all having such a fun time posing in front of the camera. Just look at those pictures below! haha! Oh yes, this lovely setup of photo booth is non other from ! Thank you for this incredible experience and it’s instant photo as well! You can get high quality printed photos with props and lightings and camera man!

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So what is happening on the inside of the spa home? Free neck and shoulder massage! Yes! Just what I needed after a loooooooong hours of flight the day before. Yes, this event took place just one day after I came back from my Barcelona trip and I am still aching here and there and this 5 minutes massage is just perfect for me. As you can see in the picture, Illy is enjoying her massage together with Caroline and Ayna. No pain no gain is it? :)

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The spa place, Vila Manja has won the Excellence Award as Best City Spa in Malaysia! It does indeed. The surroundings and the atmosphere of the spa is simply amazing. Although it it a little eerie upstairs as it is a darker but still I think this place would look amazingly good if more people come and have their spa day.

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The main thing of the event! Kinohimitsu Bio-Booster! So this is how the packaging looks like. It is actually in a sachet type of packaging which makes it easier for consumer to consume. Each day just need one sachet of this booster and preferably to eat before meal. Each sachet weight around 8g.
This bio-booster is HALAL, contains NO SUGAR and it is 100% natural. I am not so sure about what kind of natural it is cause what I can see from the ingredients are not natural terms. All chemical terms. Hehe. How does it taste like? It taste like lychee drink! And if you did not use it with water, you can even chew the powder and it taste yummy like lychee sweets!

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*The panoramic view of the booths*

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* Our EMCEE on that night. Pretty lady! Illy & Tammy! *

This two pretty lady had made the night so funny and chilled! They made jokes and very informative as well. They keep on reminding the WiFi password at all time. But sadly, I cannot connect to the WiFi maybe because too many people connected at one time. But still, I do have my 3G connection! hehe. No problemo.

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Apart from learning something new about the new product of Kinohimitsu, we also had fun playing games! My team loose. Sobsob but still we do have FUN! Serious FUN! Usually I don’t really like into games as I am a bit competitive haha but this one I just let loose and have fun! Meet new friends each time I attended any events from The Butterfly Project group. :) They had become part of my live and they made my life alive! Thank you!

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* Kinohimitsu users! Sorry I forgot the name of the guy but the pretty girl is Azalea! *

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This was the outdoor setup of the night. Thank God it did not rain while we were having our luau party! They have 3 booths, one for the Gift Redeem booth, one for the boost booth and the other one was the Spin & Win booth. They also provide us with a huge beautiful bar for us to drink Kinohimitsu drink in a very pretty glass! :) Look at the picture below!

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* Me and Liyana having the moment with our Kinohimitsu drink! :P *


They cannot call it a party without any foods and the foods on that night was awesome! Although I could not eat some of them because they did not refill it that fast but I still taste the chicken, cocktail sausages, corn, satay, fishballs, fried rice with a cold ice lemon tea drink. Sounds a lot but I always take small potion of each dishes just to taste everything that they have at that time.
We also have some contests to win on that night, best dressed, spin & win & instagram photo! Congratulations to the winner!  Sorry I did captured all of the winner but some of the photos are just blurred. :(


I did have a huge blast that night thanks to Kinohimitsu and The Butterfly Project Malaysia! Like their page today to know more latest information on Kinohimitsu products and events!

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* With the pretty ladies! Edazz & Shivani *

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* Another pretty ladies! Liyana and Shasha! *

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* Check out the goodies that I received from Kinohimitsu! *

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