Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kinohimitsu Luau Party (PICK ME! entry)


kino gif

If you can see the picture above, I am so ready to go and PARTEYYYYY! with my Kinohimitsu drink, I am all done!

Usually when it comes to party, the only party that I have ever been to is a birthday party. Nowadays, we have a lot of parties going on! Especially when it comes to relaxing and spa, who would not want to go to that kind of party?? I want to go!

As most of you know, I am a working person. Although I could say that doing YouTube videos and blogging is my FULL TIME unpaid (not monthly payment I would say), but my real work is an office work. I work every single weekdays (most of the weekends too!) and my work needs me to think, typed, communicate, meeting clients, meeting the bosses, meeting the meeting (eh, what lah? haha). Well, basically what I want to say is that, when it comes to my work, I never stop. Yes. I do admit sometimes I too, procrastinate. I don’t know who does not do that nowadays. HAHA. :P Well, letting my head go a little while from my work, even for 10 minutes makes me feel good. Since my work can be a little bit tense, I tend to stay away from the stress workload by attending to parties like this Luau! I have to get my head away as I also tends to do my work even at home! Oh my my! I need to stop from doing my work for a while and shift my head and brain to a more relaxing place.

So that is why I really think that I need this Luau Getaway although it is not exactly being done in Hawaii but it is still a party that NO ONE WOULD WANT TO MISS! If you are not sure what LUAU exactly is, it means traditional PARTY in Hawaii language. I do not care if it’s traditional or just a huge YAY party, I really want to go and get my head away from the stress for a bit. It’d be nicer as most of my other beautiful girls will be there as well with me at the party. I could mingle around, having fun and forget about the stress for a little bit. It is not harm to let go of the work for a while and have fun. It would also not harm to add more friends and have fun! And most importantly, to get to know more about Kinohimitsu products as well!

Details of the event!

kino kino

DSC08684 edit


I am ready to take a leave from my office work for this party! muhaha :P

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