Saturday, November 2, 2013

Maybelline–Catwalk to Sidewalk Party (Pictures overload!)

I was invited by Maybelline to attend their Catwalk to Sidewalk party last Thursday. Partly it is because I entered the Maybelline Rocket Me 2 New York competition which I obviously did not win even the first stage. Hehe. All the contestant were being invited, regardless she did passed the first round or not. I was so happy that finally I could attend the event and was given an invitation as my friend, Erieqa did actually passed all 2 rounds before! So, I am there to support her and other beauty gurus as well such as Kak Fyna and also Wiida.

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The party was held at Neverland Club in Jalan Kia Peng (right beside HAKKA Restaurant) and it was my first time there so I have no idea where to park and all. So, Irfan and I decided to park the car at Pavilion.

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Upon arrival, we were given a hand chop number 2 (for bloggers and facebookers invitaion) and registered our name on the paper list. We were also given a goodie bag from Maybelline as well! Yay! Inside the goodie bag was also a sheet where we could vote which contestant that we love to win on that night. Oh yes, I forgot to say that the prize is actually Attending the New York Fashion Week in..New York! Wow!

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On the night, I met with other beauty bloggers as well such as SabbyPrue, Sabrina Tajudin and Naddy! Such lovely and pretty beauty bloggers! And then Izzati came long as well so we ended up taking more pictures! haha Just wasting our time before the event started. :)

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I also took some photo with the Maybelline girl. She was promoting the eyeliners and mascaras and the testing booth.

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When the party started, the host came out and introduced the models and also the top 12 contestant and they have to walk the runway like a bawse! haha :) All of them did very well! I am super impressed!

Even Elfira Loy came that night as she’s the ambassador of Maybelline Malaysia. She’s so damn tiny and so cute!

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After the winner announcement, which Wiida and Nur Fitriah for winning the TRIP TO NEW YORK! Imma jealous girl but both of you deserves it more than me! Well, they probably do not even read my blog but hey, this is my blog and I can say whatever I want to :)

Lastly, the pictures after the event. :) Enjoy!

DSC08617 editDSC08622 editDSC08632 editDSC08637 editDSC08641 editDSC08644 edit

Pose like you mean it! haha :)

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CONGRATULATIONS WIIDA! I did not realize that you did watched my YouTube videos until you called me Kakak YouTube! Haha! So cute of you to recognize me! I did actually recognize you but through blogs and I did not even know that you did have a very beautiful YouTube Channel with beautifully done videos! Love them! Do more! :) I have already subbed!

Thank you to my boyfriend, Irfan for all the pictures taken, fro driving me back home and for just being my plus one on that night! :)

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Thank you Maybelline Malaysia for this opportunity! I hope that in the near future, I could go to events like this with my girls back again! <3


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