Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sigma Affiliate Gift!

As you all might know, I do have Sigma’s banner in my blog. Well, I am a sigma affiliate. I know Sigma can be quite an expensive brand for Malaysia but I think it is still cheaper than MAC brushes. MAC brushes are just way to expensive for me! I could not afford even a single one!

I became a Sigma Affiliate a while ago, when I purchased their travel set brushes. I think it was in the year 2012. Early 2012. Then, I did not do any sales, any advertistment and what not, my affiliate status has been take back by sigma. Maybe it was because I was not blogging that much about beauty back then too.

Now, I am very heavily promoting beauty and lifestyle types of entry in my blog, so I thought why not I become an affiliate again so I tried requested to Sigma for my affiliate status back and they approved it! YAY!

Few days later, I received an email from their representative asking if the address that I registered are correct as they would like to send me a gift. I was shocked! I have not received any gift from being an affiliate before this. This is awesome! Not even other affiliates I mean, no gift what so ever. They just want us to buy their product and expose them to the public. Well, it’s okay.

Guess what I received?

DSC09225 editDSC09224 edit

A card with my name, hand written! Appreciate this a lot! :)

DSC09226 edit

So this is what I received! A brush! My favorite eye shadow brush from sigma! I have this brush in a slightly bigger size. This is I believe their mini size as I have their travel size. This is so cute! Easy for travelling!

It’s the Sigma Eye Shading E55!

DSC09227 edit

Yay! Thank you #NewSigmaAffiliate for this gift! I really really appreciate it! :)

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