Saturday, November 23, 2013


Have you ever heard of “smize”? If you do watch America Next Top Model, you’d hear this word a lot from Tyra Banks. Do you think it is easy to do smize? I still can’t do it until now. I failed to smize when taking pictures. That’s why I can’t be a model, ever. Haha. Well, I don’t really think that I am as attractive as the models to do smize anyway when taking photos. I am not photogenic enough. I don’t know what to do with my face other than smiling when taking photos.

Before this, I used to smile with my lips close, meaning that I wont be showing my teeth. As I think I have such a weird teeth (I actually need to use braces but I don’t want to now) and I do not want to show my teeth in photos. Simple to day, I don’t know how to smile previously. I was even being asked, why do I smile like that when I was I high school. I don’t have that mesmerizing smile or normal smile. So now, with this smize thingy, I think I could at least look good in photographs. But it was so damn hard to do! haha.

I found out about this squinching techniques while reading some online websites. I tried to do it, still did not look good. Maybe it was for a person who has beautiful looks and only need some additional extra thing to make their photograph looks extra boom!

I made my boyfriend to do it today and I think he did awesome! What do you think?

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And this is my version. Failed. Haha.

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Want to know more about this squincing? Read here : SQUINCHING

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