Thursday, November 7, 2013

Tunes that makes me smile

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I can sometimes be very very grumpy. Not just on the time of the month itself, sometimes annoying obnoxious people can also instantly make me mad. So whenever I am mad, I listen to musics. Sometimes if I feel extra devil mad, I listen to Surah Yasiin. Yes. I do have the mp3 of the surah inside my handphone so that I could listen to it every single day. My favorite Quran reciter is Mishary Rashid. He has such a very very calm recital sounds and he makes some tones too while reciting. Try to listen to his recital. You’ll cry like instantly. If you know the meaning, you’ll sobbed. 

Besides listening to surah, I am also just like others rely on music to calm me down. Some of my most favorite and evergreen music of all time are listed below :

Apart from pop British (mostly) songs, I do also listen to some instrumental songs and my favorite instrument EVER is flute and my favorite instrumental music ever is gamelan or degung. I can listen to various types of gamelan or degung all day long. I once played gamelan song in my office and everybody creeped out. hahahahahahahahahahah!! :P

And as an avid theater supporter, I always love Puteri Gunung Ledang. The score / music from that theater makes me feel seriously alive.

So, enjoy much? I know I did! :)

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