Thursday, November 28, 2013

We are family–The Butterfly Project Malaysia Group.

I always write about me being bad, being ugly and being mocked all the time in this blog. It is because I do have those kind of memories back then at school. I know it’s a long time ago but, do not ever play with someone’s mind and soul at school. They will remember it forever. Especially a person like I do. Not that many people would like to reminisce their high school bad memories but sometimes, we just have to look at the past to know what we have become and what have we been through. Just to remind us on not to do that again.

It’s not that I did something bad that I have to restrain myself from doing it anymore, it is more towards like do not become like that person who mocked me and play the fool out of me. That’s all. Eventually, everyone of us will become parents and what happened if your kids were treated that way? Don’t care, care less? Good for you then but I do care about my kids and what will happened to him/her as I have gone through that phase before.

Why am I telling you all this story? It is because, I was once being left behind, being mocked, being said harsh words and I was kind of lonely for a while. But now not anymore! I have new friends who are not just pretty but very very friendly, very happening and fun, very outgoing and very me! It’s like, we knew each other along time ago and clicked instantly! Where do I meet all of them? It’s actually at the events organized by The Butterfly Projects Malaysia. Some part of it, YouTube also made a very huge impact on my life. Met new crazy best friends there as well. Well, I am very hard in finding people with the same mentality and craziness level as I do but I found them now! If you are lonely or maybe in need of having that extra boost in life, you can like the Facebook Page below and start mingling around. They are friendly and very welcoming! I’ll be there as well. hehe

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  1. Hye babe. Totally agree with you!!! To be honest I had difficulty of making friends and get click w ppl who can understand me and guess what I found it ere at the butterfly project community! They never prejudice towards you and the best things is they accept the way you are.. ;-) look forward to see you again! Xoxo


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