Friday, December 27, 2013

BOTD : Pati Ibu Putih

Salam and Hello everybody!

I have a lot of people asking me what is my everyday facial routine. Well, since I am a constant user or Tabita products now, I don’t really have other routine for facial as I only use tabita cleanser, Neutrogena toner and tabita creams (day / night). Apart from that, I am also a user of Pati Ibu Putih starting since last week. Well, I know I just could not see any difference yet in one week but let me share this with you, it does show difference! The result is very fast! If you have been using Tabita for a while, you can see the differences in just three days! Yes. It’s a guarantee!

Apart from Pati Ibu Putih, I am also now a constant drinker or Kinohimitsu J’pan Beauty Drink as well. Since I received the 6 bottles drink from the Kinohimitsu Luau Party, I drank all six of them and can totally feel the differences it does on my skin especially on the face! If you could remember, I do have a slightly eczema on my inner corner of my eyes, after using Pati Ibu Putih and drink Kinohimitsu collagen drink, the eczema slowly goes away and now, it’s like totally GONE!


So, these are the two Pati Ibu Putih that I am currently using. Actually the Strawberry flavored ones I just started using them yesterday. The differences between the two Pati Ibu is one for body and face and only for night usage which is the original ones, and the other one is for day usage and only for face which is for the Strawberry flavored.

If you are interested in trying these two incredible creams, you can get it here :


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