Saturday, December 28, 2013

BOTD–ELF Beauty-On-The-Go-Single Palette (No.2)

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Hello beauty lovers! Well well well, I have been keeping this palette for quite some time. Since I have a lot of eye shadow palettes to be played with, I just realize that I have this ELF palette to test out as well. I did tried this palette once and then I just could not seems to like it so I just put it aside. Well, if I don’t like it does not mean that I wont be putting up inside my blog.

Well, it’s not I hate the entire palette. There are some of the best eye shadow colors inside this palette that I could play around with and the blusher is just so pigmented. The thing that I don’t like is the eye shadow is kind of chalky and it has that powder smell. Even the blusher has that powder smell which I really really hate. Well, that is the price you pay if you want cheap products but quality ones.

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This palette consists of 10 eye shadows, 2 lip glosses, and a blusher.

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The swatches are not that bad. For white color eye shadows and the grey ones. These are the swatches for all the 10 eye shadows without any primers on. It has such a great everyday color or even if you want to do some grey smokey shadow.

DSC09378 edit

The swatches of the lip gloss. Why do I call these lip glosses? It is just not the right feelings for a lip stick. It is more towards stickiness and is not that pigmented for a lipstick.

DSC09379 edit

Like I said, the blusher are the most pigmented in this palette. It does not look powdery at all! This blusher is mainly suitable for people with darker skin but the eye shadow palette is so not for darker skin color tone. Too bad. The blusher is very easy to blend as well. I am very impressed with the blusher than the rest of the products in the palette

Well, these are just my own opinion and thoughts. If you really want to try these palettes all by yourself, you can contact beautistuffs and  they will let you know the availability of other colors available. Yes, this palette does not only have this one kind, they have a lot of other color scheme as well. So, drop them a comment today! :)

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