Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BOTD–FRONT COVER Party Queen Makeup Kit

DSC09284 editDSC09285 editHave you ever seen this kind of boxes at Sephora? I did. But I just thought it’ll be just some ordinary set box with quite an affordable price. I never look at them, I never am interested in them until I just saw them again in Sephora at Singapore and..I went crazy.

Front Cover has a lot of make up kits, that is claims to have some similar colors and also quality for a front cover magazine kind of makeup trends. I am now eyeing on their lips kit! :P

The one that my boyfriend bought me was this one, particularly because I choose this out of the others because I wanted to see the quality first before I purchase their other kits.

Lets go to the inside shall we?

DSC09287 edit

The Party Queen Kit has a lot of eye shadows! (Which was one of the reason why I choose this one instead of the other kits) It also comes with a dual ended brush, mascara, black eyeliner and eraser, lip gloss, lip stain and nail polish. It also includes 5 baked eye shadows, 5 normal eye shadows, 2 pigments and 2 glitters. What a whole lot of set that I am so going to fully utilize it. Except for the nail polish. :)

DSC09288 dit

The eye shadow part! My favorite ever part ever! I love playing with eye shadows as I think that’s the only place that I can go crazy with and no one will bats an eye on me. I can go as crazy as I wanted or as mellow as I needed.

These Front Cover eye shadow are just okay for the price. Some are seriously good and some is just okay. I think I am more impressed on their normal eye shadow compared to the baked ones. I have high expectation on the baked eye shadow and I thought that the black baked eye shadow would be as pigmented but I just did not. Maybe baked eye shadows are not that highly pigmented at all. Perhaps it is like that. I never had any baked eye shadows before. I don’t know. :)

The normal eye shadow is more onto a cool tone kind of colors. I don’t know yet on how to rock these colors cause cool tones colors could make my eyes looks so muddy and weird. It could also makes my skin tone looks dull and not interesting. LOL. I have to practice more.

The pigments and also glitters are just amazing! I love them so much! Especially the bronze pigment. So damn creamy and pigmented! It’s a pigment after all. ;)

DSC09290 edit

Baked Eye Shadow Swatches

DSC09291 edit

The cool tones normal eye shadow. More towards taupe and greys. I love the middle color there. :)

DSC09292 edit

The pigments and glitters! My favorite pigment is the bronze ones!

DSC09289 editDSC09294 editDSC09293 editDSC09295 edit

The other amazing thing inside this kit are some lippies, mascaras and eyeliner. And also a nail polish. I just love the pigmentation of the eye liner. It’s so damn creamy and black! The lip stain in pink was also nice. It has a satiny finish to it. It feels like crème lip sticks. The gloss is just some normal white with silver speckles and you can use the both lippies at one time or just one of them.

Nail polish is in white with blue purple pink micro glitters but it turns out clear onto my fingers and only the glitters can be seen if you look at it very closely.

I am not quite sure about the price in Malaysia for this set but in Singapore it cost about SGD 36 if I am not mistaken. I have to check back on the price. ;)

You can visit their website at http://www.frontcovercosmetics.com/home.html and read all the incredible reviews there. All I can read and see was that everybody like this brand, a lot! So it is not some cheapo makeup brands after all.


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