Wednesday, December 25, 2013

BOTD–Hello Kitty 3 Piece Brush Set

You all know how much I LOVE my Hello Kitty stuffs. Well, if you just got to know me, I am actually crazy about Hello Kitty! well, age is not a factor to me! I have been loving this Japanese made Kitty since I was little. My mum made me go to One Utama for their merchandise selling month every year! If you are as crazy as me and live near by here, you would know that that time existed. Yes. It’s like a Sanrio bazaar kind of thing. That was when even before the new wing was being build. That old. I still can remember seeing Badtz Maru and Kerokerokeroppi merchandise as well! :)

So, I just could not resist form NOT buying these brushes!

037 edit

I purchased these from Beautistuffs, a new makeup parlour pre order kind of thing. Yes. It is actually my own makeup shop. ;) It did costs me a fortune to get this but it was so totally worth it. If you LOVE Hello Kitty just like I do and are willing to actually pay for the shipping all the way from USA, you can contact me at Beautistuffs Page and we can discuss more on that. So far, these babies has been SOLD OUT! :(

Well, let’s talk about the brushes shall we?

038 edit

Inside the lovely box, lay 3 brushes mainly for eye makeup. One if the eye shadow brush, one for blending and one is the straight cut eyeliner or eye shadow brush. Yes. Only 3. The brushes are in pink and white color (additional bonus to who ever loves PINK!) and it is seriously SOFT! I am not sure though what are the bristles made of. T_T I think it’s synthetic.

039 edit

Lets take a closer look on the picture above. All three brushes are just nicely packed in a very hard to put back plastics. Yes, once you open those plastics out, you’ll take at least 5 mins to get it back. I just have to do it cause I do not want to ruin my lovely pink bristles. :)

040 edit

Kitty head! Yes, on top of the brushes are these lovely and shining Hello Kitty head! Apparently, these brushes are not made of plastics. I know it looks so heavy here but it is actually not! I am not quite sure as well what material did they use to make the whole brush but I tell you, it’s so lightweight!

Well, I am pretty sure that Sephora does not have these brushes any more now. Maybe they will restock them soon! And if they did, I will post out inside Beautistuffs facebook page! :)

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