Monday, December 2, 2013

BOTD–RIMMEL Apocalips Lip Lacquer

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Hello ladies! Yes today it is all about RIMMEL! Yes! Rimmel is not something that we can get very easily here as some pharmacies does not reload the new products anymore. It’s quite sad to see Rimmel’s product here in Malaysia. T_T

If you can see from the above picture, one is named Show Off and one is named Apocalips. Show off is actually from USA and Apocalips is from the UK. Both are actually the same thing only the name of the lip lacquer is different. Maybe some trading issues, the USA Rimmel request the name to change. ;)

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The 303 Apocaliptic was a gift from my bestie, Gem gem! And I LOVE this pink color! It’s a bright pink but not so kind of like a barbie pink. It’s a wearable pink! I Love it! The other one was 400 Big Bang. I purchase this as Asos last month and I am not sure if they still have it there. You can always check out if they still have it. :)

These are the swatches for the two lip lacquer that I’m currently owned. One red and one pink! Love both of the colors, love the quality and love the lasting of the products!

Obviously there are some cons as well. :( Let me just list down the Pros and Cons for this lip lacquer.


    Long lasting – If you really really really let it set.
    Little glossy finish.
    Quite moisturizing – No chapped lips or dry lips after using it.
    Creamy texture – Act like a very intense gloss as well.



    Will smudge if you did not set it.
    Has a slight scent – will be cons if you are allergic to makeup with scent.
    It will stuck on your teeth like hell if you over applied it

Randomly applied, this is how it looks like on my lips! Yes. both of the products are on my lips. LOL. I wont be going outside looking like this obviously! HAHA! :P As you can see, the Big Bang color is a red blood color and it gives you a shimmer glossy finishing. The Apocaliptic is a very nice barbie pink color also with a very nice glossy finishing as well!

Over all, I LOVE this product! Sadly, we did not have it here. :(

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