Tuesday, December 3, 2013

BOTD–Sephora Makeup Palette

Last Saturday, I went to Sephora with only one intention. I would want to purchase the Soap & Glory In The Bag gift set which I know is kind of expensive but on that day Sephora has this 20% off storewide for selected (or maybe all!) Sephora White Card holders and I am one of them! Happy Happy! I always missed Sephora’s discount day as they always had it during weekdays but this time, I just don’t want to miss it no more!
I did purchased the In The Bag gift set but as I was wondering around Sephora to look at all of their Christmas gift sets available, I saw this eye shadow palettes with lip gloss and blusher all in one! It was quite cheap (considering I have 20% off on that day! :P ) so I decided to get this palette as well. I think they have two types of similar palette (With a very huge price difference!) like this but the only difference are some 1,2 eyes shadows and lip gloss and blushers . Why pay more? :P

DSC09267 editDSC09268 edit

This is the makeup palette that I am taking about. The ones without SEPHORA label on it. The glitter ones! At first I was a little bit skeptical as I don’t think Sephora could produce a highly pigmented eye shadow (I am a eye shadow lover so I must look at the eye shadow first! Haha) and I did not swatch it at all at the store. Back home when I tried to use it on the next day, the eye shadow WAS INCREDIBLY amazing! With primers of course! I did swatch all of the eye shadows (including blushers and lip glosses), come and see all the pictures below. Be prepared to be impressed with Sephora’s eye shadows guys. :)

silver colors
DSC09273 edit

DSC09274 edit

DSC09275 edit

DSC09276 edit

DSC09277 edit

DSC09278 edit

Aren’t all of them GORGEOUS! I know the lighting does not do justice but these were swatches without any primers what so ever! Some of the shadows do need to be build up before it is that intense but very few of them and usually only on the matte shadows but NOT the brown matte shadow. Brown shadows are just simply amazing! Some of the blue shades are similar and some of the darker shades looks similar but they are not. Camera does not do justice to these shadow, you are advise to go to Sephora and see for yourself! :)
Below are the lip glosses and also blushers and bronzers. :)

DSC09282 edit
The glosses are also quite good especially those dark colors!

DSC09283 edit

Last but not least the blushes and bronzers! Two end colors are bronzers and other four are blushers. Amazing and pretty! :)
So, how much does all of these costs? RM100? RM150? RM90? RM80? RM75? Nope. All of these costs for only..
Yes. you have seen it right! It’s compact, it has most of the makeup essentials inside it, with 14 lip glosses, 36 0.56g eye shadows, 4 blushers and 2 bronzers! The casing is magnetic close case, very thick and durable and is made out of plastic. What more would you ask for? This is a very perfect perfect perfect gift for your mom, aunty, sister or even best friends!
Visit your nearest Sephora stores now to get this palette yourself! :)
PSST. I also have the below palette of Sephora as well! :P A gift from the boyfie.

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