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Butterfly Project Chapter 4–Mr. Lens Review (Heavy pictures!)

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Hello Calling all Circle Lens lover! I have this one website to review just for you brought to you by Mr.Lens and not to forger The Butterfly Project Malaysia! What do I encounter during this whole ordering process from Mr. Lens? Was is satisfy? How is the customer service? It is great? Well, take back and relax you are about to read my experience purchasing some circle lenses from Mr. Lens website!

Just a little information about Mr. Lens.

At MrLens, you are provided with the highest quality eye-care products, professional service, fast deliver, the most affordable prices and with a user friendly online interface.
MrLens was setup in 2002 and is a dynamic company dedicated to providing you the highest quality service and the same brand name contact lenses that your doctor or eye specialist recommends from around the world. Today, we are proud to be the largest online contact lens reseller in Switzerland and major parts of Europe, going global and we are now available in Asia too!

From what they claimed to be up there, I am pretty excited to purchase from this website. It is reliable, it has many products from eye lenses to spectacles and Ray ban glasses and all at a very reasonable and discounted price!

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Once you typed into the URL box of this URL address, , you can first see this popup Recommend a Friend and get Rewarded! They do have some kind of a referral program as well here, it’s like if you recommend your friend to buy their selling items using your referral link, you will be given a reward! Easy? :)

payment gateway

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Lets just discuss about the payment gateway of MrLens website. They accept major credit cards payments, Maybank2U and other online banking banks are acceptable. Do not worry, all the transactions are safe and rest assured.

lens to choose

We were given several lenses to choose but I choose the two that suits me most which was the Starburst Grey and Violet. I love grey lenses and I think they really suits my eye and also skin color and yes, face shape. I believe that if I do wear certain eye color lenses, my face tends to look different because my eye color has changed. That’s what I can notice from my past experience of wearing circle lenses. Yes, I am weird like that.

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All of the selection of lenses that we could select were from the ColorVue range. I have never heard of this brand before mainly because I am more into Korean brands such as EOS or GEO lenses. We have Big Eyes, 3 tones, Glamour and Starburst. Apparently, Nurul is the spokesperson for ColorVue! Malaysian singer wow! Kudos! :)

To me, it is hard to choose a lens based on just pictures of the wearer wearing it. I have that kind of problem. :(

what i choose

So, which lenses did I choose? Obviously the ones that I believe that I could wear it over and over again for 3 months. Yes, these lenses can only lasts for 3 months usage. More than 3 months, you need to dispose them away and buy a new pair of lenses.


I choose the ColorVue 3 Tones in Violet with 0.00 power and Colorvue Starburst colored lenses in Starburst Grey with also 0.00 power. Two of my favorite lenses color of all time.

So what is next after putting everything in the cart? Checkout of course! Haha. Well, MrLens has this easy checkout system. As this one was a gift from them, we did not need to use our credit cards under their payment gateway but I will do that soon just to see how the payment goes and what kind of payment gateway that they use. At the mean time, after you click the Checkout button, this is what you see. Oh yes, before you can proceed with the payment, you have to register yourself. Do not worry, they do not have that long form for you to fill in.


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*Click on the picture for clearer view*

This is their registration form. Kind of straight forward but the only thing that they are kind of different is that, they did mention that they prefer to deliver to company address instead of home. Just a small reminder if you are working outside and no one is at home to receive your parcel. Apart from that, you also need to add in all the telephone number fields, office number, mobile and also company number. If you missed one, this pop up will appear. ;)

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Well, you can add in your hand phone number in all the telephone fields. I did that. ;)

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So, this is the page that you’ll see once you click that Checkout button. You can change your delivery address here, add in the gift voucher if you have some and add some comments to your order. The comment part, I always add in “Delivery only on weekdays”. Just a gentle reminder to them. And then just click the Continue button down there you will be pushed onto their payment gateway. As I mentioned before, I do not have to pay anything for this time around as this was a sponsor entry by them. You will received the confirmation email soon once your payment has been done!


These are some of the emails that I received form

email 1

Well, when I received this email, I was kind of shocked to see the delivery method changed to own_dispatch. I did emailed back to them asking what is own_dispatch but they did not replied back to me. :( Me is sad.

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Then after one day, yes, one day, they changed the delivery method to Poslaju. Without replying my email stating why and so on, they just change it. Well, maybe some technology glitch or something ey?

After receiving this email, few minutes later, I received an email stating that my lenses is being shipped! I tried to tracked the tracking number given but failed. I emailed to them again the next day asking if it’s the right tracking number but then I already received the parcel and yet they still did not reply to my email.

over all

Over all, my experience purchasing lenses by Mr. Lens was okay except their customer service does need to improve a little bit. I emailed them twice and non of them are being replied. They expect the buyers to call the number given +01112323715 to ask for the questions that you can just ask using email, leverage on the free stuffs rather than I have to pay cents to know if the tracking number is right, what is the meaning of certain delivery and stuffs.

I also believe that the lenses are at a discounted price and affordable. I don’t really purchase expensive colored lenses so to me, RM90 per pair of colored lenses are quite expensive. ;) But if you are a constant user of Acuvue and some other brands that is being recommended by your ophthalmology, you can get the lenses pretty cheap here!

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TADAA!! :) Well packed inside an air tight plastic bags with two of the lenses and also receipts and booklets.

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Like MrLens facebook page now and go to their website to get yours today!

By the way did I mentioned that they provided FREE DELIVERY to KLANG VALLEY area? WOW!

Thank you to The Butterfly Projects Malaysia for yet again another opportunity to let me review the services of MrLens website. All of the words are genuinely true unless stated that I am lying. HAHA. Well, joking. ;P

Like these two Facebook page today!

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