Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Fashion Collaboration Feat ModCloth!

Winter and fashion. I have always dream about winter clothes as we cannot wear them here in Malaysia. We don’t really have winter weather here. We have summer and something that is similar to autumn. Summer is nearly every single day from January to November and in December,it has always been raining all day long. Sometimes non stop! And yes we still feel the coldness.

From my imagination, Winter clothes are just cosy and very Christmasy and I just love cold weather where we could snuggle up in out onesie and sweater with a a cup of hot chocolate and turkey and oh so yummy! Lets just revert back to our main thing here which is fashion.

I was being approached by ModCloth’s sweet and lovely ModStylist, Amy asking me if I would love to be part of their Polyvore outfit challenge and who would not say no to that? I love blogging and fashion is one of the thing that I seldom blog but I do love dressing up. So I think this is the perfect entry for me to start blogging about fashion as well.

What do I need to do it is to pair up some of ModCloth cloths and see if it is the perfect match and these are what I came up with.

perfect winter combo - modcloths

1. Winterberry Tart Coat in Burgundy ($149.99) BEST SELLER! – A very lovely burgundy coat. Suitable for any occasions be it formal or informal. The loose belt at the waist gives such a nice hug to the body and makes the waist to appear more slimmer.

2. Not to Worry Gloves in Grey ($41.99) – Nobody would ever want to forget their gloves during the cold winter time. I am not a huge fan of black color when it comes to winter. I think black is just so overrated. Grey is the new black now. With a little simple bow, it adds in the charm in you! :)

3. Ring my Belle tights ($17.99) – Forget the old boring black tights! Use this one instead to make the look more cuter and flattering! The lines on just above the knee add in some details if you are wearing a full button up coat. No one would want to see those black and boring tights anymore. It’s time for a change ladies!

4. Lattice Make a Deal Scarf in Cream ($26.99) – Yes. A scarf is also some extra accessories needed during winter time. It could protect your neck and makes such a nice wrap when you are inside a building. I choose cream color as I would want my scarf to look natural and I don’t want to add more other colors onto these combinations.

5. To a Tee Time Dress ($94.99) – Yes! A green dress for a very festive month! I think green and red is such a nice combination. Green and the cream scarf, green and also grey are just perfect as well. This time, I choose some flattering dress with sleeves. Incase if we needed to take off our coat, we still have a bit protection on our shoulder. This dress is 2-in-1. We can either wear it during casual day or even working day. The black stripes adds in some very nice value to the dress itself. It won’t be a boring plain dress after all!

6. Nicely Spiced Bootie in Chai ($44.99) – What could be perfect during winter without a boot to protect our feet from the cold and icy weather? I think this wedges and ankle height boots are just an awesome awesome match for this whole look. The Chai color neutralize the look as all the center point of the look has been mixed with a lot of nice wintery colors. What could you ask for more?

Eager to find out more seriously stylish cloths?

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