Sunday, December 29, 2013

Food Porn–Chicken Parmigiana

Yes! I am talking food today! I am not a  good eater but I still eat foods! Haha. Well, I am quite a choosy person when it comes to food. I hate onions and frozen mixed vege, I cant eat seafood especially prawns, so I can be quite a boring food eater. The only thing that I can eat everyday is potato. Yes. Imma potato lover!

Recently, I found out about this meal when I was at Kulcats. Yes. Kulcats are ony of my favorite dine in restaurant. I know the price can be quite pricey but all of the foods are delicious (at least so far from my ordered are yummy!) and the drinks are just so good! My first time going to Kulcats, I ordered their Chicken Parmigiana and then I fall in love with this meal.

Why do I love this meal so much?

Well, it’s very easy to eat! I love western food because it is very easy to eat, it does not have anything that I hate and you can see each and every single meal in your plate. No hidden gems or what so ever. Haha.

So, last Friday,I went to Secret Recipe for my lunch and to my surprise they now have Chicken Parmigiana as well! So I ordered straight away!

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Just take a look at those yummy cheese and the chicken breast and those potatoes. It’s like my whole favorite food in one plate!

Feeling hungry already? So to Kulcats / Secret Recipe today to get this yummy dish! :)

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