Monday, December 23, 2013

My beauty resolution for 2014!

Oh my God! I just could not believe that it’s now nearly 2014! 2013 had been a great year for me and my beauty product range and now 2014, I have already set up some goals for my beauty collections!

My 2014 Beauty Resolutions

1. My beauty regime now is not all au natural and most of them has chemicals in it. This is not good especially for my face skin. In 2014, I would like to test out and use some natural ingredients onto my beauty care regime. It’s something that I am moving forward to use and I just cannot wait to see the end result of it from using all natural ingredients!

2. Less heavy makeup. Yes. I will try to do this. Hopefully. Fingers crossed. Haha. Well, I love wearing makeup. It makes to boost up my confidence but in 2014, I have aimed to wear less heavy makeup to keep my skin looks healthier and glow.

3. I am also looking for a gentle skin care products that could make my skin not feel irritated after using them. I do have some sensitive skin especially on my forehead and a zit could just pop out of nowhere up there.

4. Eating and drink healthily. I don’t really drink soft drinks that much and I love green tea so pretty much solved. The eating habit is quite hard. I eat in a very small potion but very regularly. That is just because I have gastric and I need to follow that kind of eating regime. I seldom eat chocolate but I think I have to tone down on the ‘unlimited cake per month’ thingy. Haha. I LOVE cakes like no body business! Haha

5. in 2014, I would also want to take time in taking care of my skin. I know I have always neglected this part. Yes, I wipe off all that makeup before I went to sleep. IT IS A MUST FOR ME! But, when it comes to scrubbing, facial, spa and all sorts of things, I seldom do that. Because it is quite pricey. But, I believe that you can do that kind of thing at home! What how?

You don’t need to go to a facial every single time to get the best 100% natural ingredients in a product because…

YADAH has it!

It is natural, hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic with botanical ingredients, organic and even suitable for all skin type! Be it sensitive or normal!

Now the Butterfly Project Malaysia is holding an event together with YADAH and I am really excited!


I just cant wait to see and experience myself with YADAH products! This event would be such an AWESOME day for me to start my 2014! Oh yes, did I mention I am getting married in 2014? So, I need a really really good skin care products to take care on my skin before my BIG day!

To know more about YADAH

To know more about The Butterfly Projects Malaysia



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