Friday, December 13, 2013

Review : Colours Cosmetics Malaysia Tapered Blending Brush

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If you love makeup, you must own like a lot of brushes. Yes. I have more brushes now compared to when I first started makeup. Before this I have no idea that I need this many brushes just to do my eye makeup everyday. Most of my variety types of brushes are for my eye makeup cause I love playing with eye shadow that much! :P

I was being approached by Joanne from Colours Cosmetics Malaysia sometime 2 weeks ago. The lovely lady emailed me asking if I would love to do a review on the brushes that will be out soon (is now out for sale in their website) and I said I would love too!

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Tadaa! This is the brush! It is the Tapered Crease Blender! Yes! I have always wanted a brush that is slightly small and a little bit tapered so that it’ll be easier for me to blend onto my fake crease. :) Now, I have found my favorite crease brush! Thanks to Colours Cosmetics Malaysia of course!

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NAME OF BRUSH : Tapered Crease Brush
PRICE : RM35.00


    Very light (easy to control)
    Synthetic bristle (easy to apply even cream eye shadows!)
    Small tapered size (VERY suitable for small eyes like me!)
    Picks up eye shadow very well
    Animal Cruelty FREE!



I could not find any cons for this brush yet so far. I do hope that the bristles does last long and does not fall out. :)

For the price of RM35.00, I think this is by far the perfect blending brush for me. Not too big, not too small. Nice tapered size as well.

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You can go to and also like their Facebook page as well!

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