Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stupid pose


Haha. Sometimes, when I feel like posing like this, I would pose like this. Put on my fake lashes, my eye shadows and a little bit of lip stain and pose! BAM! Haha. I just love to see myself looking ugly. Cause it reminds me that I am not that pretty after all. I was being mocked, laughed at and all sorts of things which only me and my cats know about. So, looking ugly is one of the thing which made me realize who I really am. Well, not trying to beg everybody to say that I look pretty…no…what are you talking are pretty..and all that kind of thing.

It is important for people to know where they come from, who they really are and what are they actually. Just to ponder a little bit more about their own life. Our life now is being created because of other people and not because of ourselves. We are being influenced to be like this. Once we started it, we like it and we continue doing it. There will never be like, ‘This is me 100% me!’. You are a fractured of someone else brain, connected with your brain and you become hybrid. No more your own self brain. What am I talking about? See, me being stupid haha.

Well, I just need a time break from beauty posts. Next post up will be about some gadgets and stuffs! YAY!

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