Monday, January 27, 2014

Adjusting / Long Gone!

Hello my readers, I know I have been missing for so long! 1 week without new entry is like a month to me! Not to worry, my passion in blogging is still there, it is just that I don’t have any internet connection at home, so I have to skipped my blog entry and videos for this 2 weeks. So sorry but I think no one is reading my blog anyway. Hehe.

In case, if you are wondering why I am gone, well I am not gone. I have been occupied myself with other things. Moving out, unifi & astro installations and other life changing experience. I recently am in LOVE with The Phantom of The Opera 25th Anniversary Celebration. I keep on watching that on and on and on and even had downloaded some of the songs through iTunes. Well, being a HUGE supporter for Theater and performing arts, I just don’t know why I have not watched this theater before. It is indeed, like a ghost. Haunted my mind now. I keep on playing the ‘Music of the night’ and ‘Masquerade’ song over and over and over again.

The performers like Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess & Hadley Fraser plus an amazing score and other supporting performers combined together, make such an amazing performance! You can watch it on YouTube if you want to. Try to search for it. They do have uploaded this one whole performance of the anniversary. :)

Till then, see you really soon!


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