Thursday, January 30, 2014

Been busy again

Hello dearies, so sorry again that i am gone with my beauty entry. I know people were saying that my blog is just an amature beauty blog but i can say that i did put up my own effort to blog about beauty related stuffs. Most of the stuffs were bought by my own money (or boyfriend) and i am proud to say that i love doing what i am doing right now. 
Since i do not have any internet connection, i have been watching The Phantom of the Opera 25tn Anniversay each day. From knowing nothing about the songs, i can say that i am now expert in singing opera. Hahaha. Nope i am so kidding. But that is just what i do each day at home. I can live with it i guess so. 
Well, i think the next entry would be beauty related so no worry about that and again, i appologize. :)

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