Sunday, January 12, 2014

BOTD–Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer

I have been seeing this on YouTube for so long, and again we don’t really have this here in Malaysia and again Maybelline, I am sad. Very very sad! I only bought one in Barcelona because I thought it would be like any other concealer that I’ve tried before and now I am mad at myself because I did not purchase these more. Cause I LOVE it!

DSC09603 edit

It is the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind (of course the above picture, the label name is different because it’s in Spanish) concealer! Most raved about in Youtube and among other international bloggers as well. When I first saw this at Barcelona (I bought this at El Corte Engles near Les Courts) I went nuts! I cant believe that they have it there (well DUH!) and I just instantly grabbed one. One! Why only one? Because I thought it’ll not be suitable for me. I always think about how different is the makeup texture between Asian makeup and Europe makeup. I always thought that European makeup has more other things added since they have 4 seasons and I thought that this might melt if I use it in Malaysia. I was certainly wrong.

DSC09604 edit

I purchased mine in the shade LIGHT not because of anything, it’s because I can’t really see the shade and just grabbed them because I was so excited at that time. The shade was so small, written below the label of the product. Seriously small I just can’t see that clearly at first. Haha.

DSC09605 edit

These concealer is famous for it’s applicator. It is being said that the applicator is a micro corrector applicator and it could fills in the pores precisely. The applicator is also very soft and makes it easy to apply the concealer.

DSC09606 edit

This is how the light shade looks like on my hand. I know, the color can be quite deceiving. It looks quite lighter than my skin color. Oh yes, before I forgot, this concealer has a medium thick consistency. I love it because it could blends in easily with just one light stroke! The coverage is medium to heavy. I think light could be the perfect shade for those who has some heavy eye bags like I do. And the color is towards beige skin color.

After blending those concealer, you can see that it gives a little bit of highlighting effects as well besides conceal everything that you need. Many people uses these concealer also for highlighting purposes too. It’s great because it could do 2 in 1 under one go!

I will do a comparison picture of me applying this onto my dark circle on one side and non on the other for you to see the effects of it on my under dark circle. Watch out for that picture soon!

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