Tuesday, January 7, 2014

BOTD–Only Beauty Haul

only beauty

If you followed The Butterfly Projects group on Facebook, you will see this banner around and I did shared this within my personal Facebook as well. I totally forgot to BLOG about it! DUH! :( Sorry, my bad. I will try to blog about other future warehouse sale if I know about it. But, today in this blog entry, I just want to share with you haul of a product that I bought during the sale (and also some of the free stuffs that I received!)

Only beauty is a Malaysian portal with FREE product samples giveaway and also for review purposes on some of the products, be it beauty of healthcare among members. You can register to be part of the members and join in their giveaway sections. If you are lucky, you’ll be among the winner! It is as simple as that! :)

DSC09575 edit

Yeap! Those are the products! Well, I bought more actually but others are for my mom and boyfie. Yes. they do have men body shower and healthcare too!

So, the products that I bought are :

1. Loreal Ultra – Volume Collagene Mascara - RM20

2. Maybelline Lip Gloss in R32 - RM12

3. Loreal Infallible in Tender Caramel – RM18


1. Maybelline The MAGNUM mascara Super Film in Black

2. Loreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Sassy Marshmallow

DSC09576 edit

The swatches! I have no used the Loreal eyeshadow just yet so I can’t do any review about them now but, the lipgloss I have already used them before and I love it! It’s like a little bit sticky at first but it just glides on my lips smoothly making my lips having a tint of gloss. The feelings on my lips are not heavy at all. :)

DSC09577 editDSC09578 edit

This mascara, I actually have seen it with my eyes that I can do good! I was resistant to buy this mascara before this but when I saw that they have it on sale at the warehouse sale, I instantly grabbed it! I will do a thorough review about this mascara soon and will link it HERE. :) I love every bits of it! The wand, the texture, the effects. All are incredibly AWESOME!

DSC09579 editDSC09580 edit

This is the mascara that I received for FREE by just joining their SMS free gift redeem. I registered and received the SMS (which I later have to delete, right after I redeemed the prize) and I was SO HAPPY! :) I have not yet tried this mascara on. Will do try and place the verdict here in my blog. Do check that one out soon!

Till then,

I suggest all of you to follow these Facebook page NOW



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