Sunday, January 5, 2014

BOTD–Pixy UV Whitening 2 Way Cake

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Welcome back ladies!

Today my entry is about a powder foundation that I have been using and testing for a while. I have heard so many good news regarding about this two way cake perfect fit foundation from Pixy and just recently, I get my hands on these.

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I actually got in the Refill pack because I purchased their makeup remover and got this one for free! But it’s a good size cause it’s the full size and just because it’s a refill pack, the only thing that it does not have is a full compact placement and a mirror. But I don’t need those. This is the perfect size for me!

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What do you received in the refill pack?

1. Powder foundation

2. Sponge.

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First and foremost, these powder are so soft! I like powders that does not have any powdery smell. This one has none of that yucky powdery smell. I can apply this and it gives a light to medium coverage. It’s a buildable powder so if you need more coverage, you just apply more. The sponge given was also useable. It’s not some crap sponge and it does not have that latex scent at all! I am loving every single thing about this powder.

The shade, natural beige is perfect for me. Although it may look a little bit fairer but once it’s being blended, it looks super natural!

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5 stars

I give 5 stars for this product because it just a perfect product for me. Sometimes, some powder foundation even for oily skin, it could just adds up more oil. But this one, it just keep my face stays matte and non greasy at all! Kudos to Pixy for doing this powder foundation. I am impressed!

I will surely be purchasing more when this one finished. It takes me a long way to go to finish this product because I don’t really use foundation everyday.

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