Friday, January 3, 2014

BOTD– Online Shop

Really wanted to buy makeup products that is not available in Malaysia with a very reasonable price? There is a way girls, there’s a way! You don’t have to be overseas to purchase these original and imported brands, all you have to do is click on strawberrynet and you have all the brands that you could not even imagine you’ll get your hands on!

They have all the high end brands for makeup, hair and even skin routine! Even original perfumes for men and woman as well! From Burberry to YSL, you name it they have the brands! Even drugstore products like Loreal and Bourjois!


As you can see, they carry many items from skin care, make up, hair car, perfumes and many more! Shopping experience with them was also easy peesy! They has already categorized into sections and into brands! In alphabetical order! Yes! Easy, simple, you can even browse all the brands and see what do they could offer you!


They also provide FREE SHIPPING anywhere, all around the world! Yes! You did read that right! I have actually purchased things from Strawberrynet before and the time for the item to arrived to me is about 10 working days. Which is good.

When it comes to customer service, from my experience it was okay. They did replied to my emails and to me that is just good. Because some other international online store sometimes wont event reply to your email. But that was nearly 2 years ago. I have no idea how this year would be. I bet it’ll be just as good and who might know they might improve more.

Want to experience your own self shopping at Strawberrynet which those incredible slashed prices, visit


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