Thursday, January 16, 2014

BOTD–Yadah Highlash Mascara

Hello girls! Yes my BOTD is back! I have been using this mascara non stop for a week now so I think it’s time for me to at least introduce it to you. It’s the Yadah Highlash Mascara that I received from Yadah’s event last 2 weeks. This mascara was AWESOME!

DSC09616 edit

Yadah has come out with two types of mascara. One would be this highlash mascara and the other one is the Bloom mascara which comes in a pink tube. For Yadah, all their packaging is very very cute! This mascara has a cute girl with long lash.

This is the comparison of my lashes with the mascara and without the mascara. You can definitely see the difference between the lashes, right. I was expected that the mascara could just make my lashes extra long but I think this is not the length that I can say I am satisfy with. The texture of the mascara is kind of fiber-y. I can sense that that is why it is so easy to remove. I does clumps my lashes but in a good way. It makes my lashes looks thicker. Loving it! The lashes are also not smudgy at all!

DSC09613 edit

These are my lashes, both with the mascara on. It does not look like I have mascara on and it does not feel like I am having any mascara on. One time, I totally forgot that I have mascara on, I just took a bath and then realize that I do have mascara on. Thank God it’s very easy to wipe off so I am saved! Haha. Sometimes, this happened. :)

Lets talk about the wand shall we? What is a mascara without some specific wand that is said to be either lengthening or thickens your lashes. This mascara has a normal size and long brush with some little gaps between the bristles. This to ensure that the product goes straight towards our lashes and wont be leaving any lashes without having the product coated. I love how tapered the brush is so that it is easy to apply even onto my inner lashes and lower lashes as well. Like I said, is it smudge proof so this mascara is AWESOME for lower lashes application.

DSC09615 edit

So these are my thoughts on the mascara. I love it and I might be purchasing it back again once this runs out.

Check out Yadah’s Facebook Page today!

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