Monday, January 20, 2014

BOTD–Yadah Sweet Milky Tint

Hello ladies! Another Yadah products to write about. Since all of my makeup are at my new home and I am still at my current home now, so I could not blog about anything beauty related at all and also the fact that I did not buy any more makeup product this month (except for the Only Beauty SALE earlier) so I am out of makeup resources at the current moment.

That is why I have been leveraging on the makeup products that I received from attending events as they are still here with me. This time, it’ll be the Yadah Sweet Milky Tint.

DSC09628 editDSC09629 edit

I have been using this tint since I got it and here are my reviews about it.

1. Has a scent represent the fruit of flavor of the tint. I got mine in Sweet Cherry 01 therefore, it does have a cherry scent.

2. Has a quite thick consistency.

3. Looks natural on my lips and cheeks

4. Last quite long compared to some other lip tint that I have used before. Approximately around 4-5 hours without drinking / eating.

5. Comes in a cute bow packaging!

6. You can use it on the cheeks too apart from the lips.

7. Very hydrating!

DSC09630 edit

This is how it looks like. The tint comes in with a normal lip applicator. Once applied, it glides smoothly on the lips but you have to make sure that you use the right way of the wand cause it’s so hard to make the tint to stick on the lips. You have to apply it gradually little by little then it will stick onto your lips. The BEST part is, it does not make my lips dry at all!

As you can see, only one stroke of the tint, and being blended, it will look like this. Looks like I do have a mosquito bite there! Haha. The pink color looks so natural that it made my wrist blushed! :)

DSC09633 edit

This time, I applied it on my lips. I only applied it at the center of my lips to make it look like I just bite my lips there. See how natural the color turns out to be? I am loving this product!

Like I said, apart from the lips, you can also apply this onto your cheeks as well, to create a nice blushing effect. I do have 3 dots of these tint on both of my cheeks and quickly blended it out. I shall show you how I did it in my next post. :)

So far, I am liking this product. I don’t really know how long will the product last for a 3ml tint. I have to find out more! Oh yes, did I mention that this product is free from artificial coloring and are 100% natural? Yes it is!

Go and grab yours today at any SASA outlets or! It also comes in with a milky strawberry color too! One tube for RM25!

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