Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Butterfly Project–Christmas Pot Luck

Hello girls and guys! I would like to tell you a story of this event that I went to several days ago. It’s the Butterfly Projects Malaysia Christmas Pot Luck! I have never been to any Christmas party or even pot luck and I am so excited to participate with my girls at The Butterfly Projects pot luck this year. To tell you the truth, this is my first pot luck event and I am so not going to miss the opportunity!

As you all must know by now, I am part of this Butterfly Projects Group where we were selected to go to certain events and have fun meeting people and become friends. Most of my friends this year I made through this group. This group now means a lot to me and I would cherish it forever. I hope so that I could be part of the group forever. Please don’t ditch me yet. I am still enjoying my late 20’s now. Haha. Yes. I am old. T_T

potluck 057 edit

The pot luck was held at the Sekeping Jalan Sin Chew Kee. Very unfamiliar place to me and Irfan. We have not been there before and never knew that the place existed! This cool place is sooo cool I don’t think I could stay here. Haha. Even the shower has a hold from above for people to skodeng you know! :P But the place is SUPER NICE and urban!

potluck 063 edit

I even drag my boyfriend along with me to experience this pot luck event. It’ll be the first for him as well for Christmas celebration.

potluck 067 edit

Haha. As you can see, this is the 3rd level of the house. It has some cool balcony there with some really really cool wired chairs! Sadly it was raining on the day that we have the event and even during this photo was taken. But I really wanted to take picture with this pretty yard! Thanks to Sabby for being in this picture with me! :D

Lets go and see the food shall we?

potluck 073 editpotluck 076 editpotluck 081 edit


These are just 15% of the foods that we have on that day! There are so many varieties of foods to eat and all of them are halal. If it’s not Halal, it’ll be labeled and will be put aside so it wont be mixed with the Halal ones. I thank the organizer for being so cautions on these Halal & Non Halal as it’s actually a Christmas Pot Luck but there are Muslims attendee as well. So nice of them for being so particular about that. That is why I love them so much! They are being sensitive on these Halal & Non Halal thing. :)

I had fun on that day! Serious fun chatting with friends and taking photos and doing some XMas gift exchanged. Yes. My first Secret Santa as well! I just can’t thank The Butterfly Projects enough of these tremendous experience. I would not have imagine if I did not take the courage to join this group. I would now know how my life would be at this point. Thank you again for accepting me. :)


This is the door gift that we all received on that day. Want to know what is inside? I’ll do another blog post about it soon!

P/S : I am waiting for 123cheese to upload the photo booth pictures cause most of the pictures of me and friends were using their photo booth. Once they have uploaded the pictures, I’ll put them here. :)

Like the page The Butterfly Projects Malaysia now to join and meet with new friends! :)

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