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Hishop–Murad Facial Experience

Calling all facial and especially Murad lovers, today I would like to bring you with me my experience having a facial with Murad in Damansara Utama.

I made my appointment to be nearly the end on the year 2013, which was on the 31st December 2013. As I am pretty busy with moving to a new house and I think this time would be perfect for me to pamper myself for an hour of facial and massage. Yes! They do have massage as well and after all these years, I thought that they only have facial. The massage was very nice and calming.

DSC09392 edit

Since it was still in Christmas mode, they also have Christmas tree decoration at their spa as well! So nice!

DSC09393 edit

First thing first, I have to fill in my particular inside their made form. They asked about my details and also my current facial routine. When was the last time I did facial and all sorts of questions. Well, obviously I have not been doing facial for a while (haha!) so I know there must be something wrong with my face! :) After filling all the details, I was being shown to their locker, to store all my belongings including my accessories. They do have a small zip lock bag to store those little earrings and rings and necklace if you have worn any on your facial treatment day. The locker has dedicated keys so you can bring your keys together with you during the facial treatment.

DSC09394 editDSC09396 edit

After storing all my belongings, the next step was to scan my face using their technology which they called, YouthCam. Two pictures were taken and being analyzed on the spot using some exclusive software. This software could detect my pores, redness, pigmentations,  wrinkles, inflammation and the software will recommend Murad products for our own benefit and usage.

DSC09397 editDSC09398 editDSC09399 edit

*Those are my pigmentation*

Carmen (the lady who gave me facial) said that I need to start using sunblock now as I am getting older and older and my pigmentation is not not looking so great. Well, lazy me. T_T

Off to the facial room! The ambience was so soothing and calm, just like what I have been through in Terimee and also some spa. I love that the lighting was not that bright either. It was also some Murad products on the tray for the facial routine. I have to change into their robe tube and then the facial begins!

There are few things that they did and not just facial. Like I said, they too have massage as well. Below are the steps on what I did go through my experience with Murad.

1. Feet Massage

2. Facial Cleansing

3. HA treatment for pore opening

4. Peeling treatment to squeeze all the blackheads

5. Hand massage

6. Toner

7. Moisturizing lotion

8. Neck and upper back massage

9. Sunscreen Lotion

DSC09401 editDSC09402 edit

After the facial session, we had our time to take a look at the products that Carmen used on my face and she explain one by one on how the product would benefits me in the future.

DSC09404 edit

I did asked her how much would all of these costs me if I would want to purchase. To my surprise, these costs nearly RM800+! Wow. But I know that Murad products are among the best in skin care so no wonder the price would also be high. She said if I do not have the budget, I could go onto the set in the picture below.

DSC09405 edit

T-Zone Pore Refining Oil, Vitamin C, Sunscreen and Promegranate Mask. All of these costs around RM500+. Well, still out of my budget I told her. So she still insists me to purchase something from them and said that since I am not using any sunscreen, I should take that one and the sunscreen costs RM170. Still expensive for me as I do not have that much budget to spare just on a sunscreen. I told her that if the deluxe sample that I will be receiving have sunscreen, I will test it out first and see if that suits my skin. I do have sensitive skin so changing facial products would not be that good.

At the end of the day, I only received these three deluxe samples which was the cleanser, moisturizing lotion and sunscreen.

BEFORE / AFTER Product Sample Testing

DSC09451 editDSC09452 edit

Energizing Pomegranate Cleanser

I love the smell of this cleanser! So fresh! It’s a foam-like cleanser which is so soft and very delicate to my skin. My skin feels refreshed just with one wash of this cleanser. You only need on pump to wash you full face.

DSC09453 edit


DSC09455 edit

As you can see, my face is looking so refreshed and kind of bright and fair! Just with one wash!

DSC09456 editDSC09457 edit

Energizing Pomegranate Moisturizer SPF15

This moisturizer is also from the VITALC line (pink line) of Murad and also smell so nice, very pomegranate-y! I love the scent so so so much! The moisturizer was also light and it does not feel sticky / heavy on my face at all! Carmen told me that all Murad’s products are very light and suitable to all kind of skin be it oily or dry or sensitive. :) That’s great!

DSC09458 edit

From the picture above and the picture of before the moisturizer being applied, my face now looks a little bit glower and shinier. It looks moisturized and a little bit pinkish! This is working very well on me!

DSC09459 editDSC09460 edit

Oil-Free Sunscreen Borad Spectrum SPF 30 | PA+++

The last step would be to pun on sunscreen! Yes. Previously I always neglected this part and Carmen suggested me to start to apply sunscreen from now on. This sunscreen has some cookies smell. HAHA. I know! I can smell some cookies / butter cookies kind of scent. Well, I can be crazy sometime. It feels light and non sticky or greasy at all!

DSC09461 editDSC09462 edit

Yes! Now my face is complete! All three steps have been applied and this is how my face looks like! Radiant enough? Well, I think these three products from Murad are AWESOME! I love everything about it, the scent, the feelings and the effect of it. This was just only with one time wash. If I use this each day, it could make such a HUGE difference to my skin I am sure!

before after

You can see the difference for yourself! It looks like this product are working well on my skin. It does not tingles and it really feels very light on my skin.

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