Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Recap 2013–Hello 2014!

Cause everybody is doing it. :P

My video with Lisa Surihani and DiGi is out! In February 2013.

We shoot this video in 2012, in December if im not mistaken. And it was aired in February 2013. So I think it can be considered as one of my best event ever cause I bring my two cousins with me on that day and they were all in this clip as well! :)

The Butterfly Projects Malaysia


butterfly logo

This is the very main highlight for me through out this year. I started quite late, joining the events made by The Butterfly Projects but, I never regretted it at all. why should i? I love beauty related stuffs. This group means a lot to me now. I want to thank Mamasan Tammy for this life changing experience. Each events are different and I too made a lot of new friends as well! All of them I call my Mengs. Haha. Sab, Sabrina, Edazz, Shasha, Shivani, Liyana, Miera, Alyssa, Lina and many more! So sorry if the names are not listed here but you will be engraved in my heart forever. Love all of you!

Meet up with Malaysian Beauty Youtubers


YES! Another great event that I will never ever forget! Meeting with Kak Nurul, Jannah, Erieqa, Tyena, and Farisha was one of the best night meeting ever! I miss them so much. Supposedly Sab and Izzati was also part of this meet up but they have other important thing to do. But we are doing it again I think in 2014 before Jannah fly to Australia! Right? hehe

Barcelona Work Trip



Something that I never ever imagined I could have this year. Going to Barcelona. Wow! Boarded Emirates airline, my favorite airline ever. Ahh! I miss Barcelona. I shall step my feet back there again someday. :)

Makeup Artist for Shims Mandagie

potluck 040

I adore her. She’s smart, very hardworking and knows what she wanted. Very determined and sooooooooooooo pretty! She’s down to earth and seriously friendly. I love her! Thank you for the opportunity!

Well, 2013 has been great so far. 2014 will hopefully be as great as 2013. New house, new room, new place, new makeup, new clothes, new environment, new life.

In Sha Allah. It starts with Bismillah.


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